Saturday, December 20, 2014

Thoughts on the launch of No Place To Fall & songs by Indigo DeSouza! Plus: GIVEAWAY!

Sad, sorrowful little neglected blog. I do love you, I do. But you see, I've been in labor, in the final countdown for the push of NO PLACE TO FALL out into the world. And it finally happened!

December 9th came grey and overcast with a threat of snow in the forecast. I started my day like always, by writing and going to work. I taught my first two classes and then through the generosity of some colleagues, I skipped out for the latter half of the day to go get ready for my 7pm launch party at Malaprops Book Store in Asheville, NC (an hour away).

Of course, my life is filled with demanding beasties and there was much to be taken care of, including feeding and watering, then filling the truck with diesel. Yep, big truck rolled into action because of that threat of snow. That snow - yep, totally pouring snow in the nearby tiny town, but as soon as we cleared the west side - it quit. And the roads stayed miraculously clear all the way to Asheville.

By the time I got there a few friends were already gathered. They'd set up the cafe for my reading and my friend, Indigo Blue DeSouza was already there with amp and guitar. A few friends came by only to hug my neck before other obligations swept them away, but in all, I had about sixty people show up. And it was so cool. All the intersections of my life from old friends, to colleagues, to published authors, to a bunch of other writer friends still in the submission and query trenches, to strangers and even my students were there.

The only way to describe the feeling in that moment is fullness, of love, gratitude, and awe that so many people chose to give their time to my moment.

So anyway, now that life is winding down a bit and I can simply let NO PLACE TO FALL be out in the world, I'd like to share some video with you. There's a 5 minute overview of the launch, and then two videos of Indigo singing the full versions of the two songs she played that Amber also sang in the book. I love Indigo's unique spin on them. Be sure and follow her youtube channel to keep up with her! And after you've peeked at the videos, scroll on down, because I'm showing my gratitude with two giveaways! For U.S. entries, a signed hardbound version of No Place To Fall with inspiration prize pack (Songcatcher DVD, Avett Brothers CD, Quote Print by the author). For International/Canadian friends, a digital download of No Place To Fall and a $10 Itunes credit! (This is a Harper Collins download that may require you to also download their reader but you will receive instructions with the download code.) So be sure and enter! One free entry and ways to earn extra!