Monday, September 23, 2013

KEEPER OF WONDER: An Interview with Jessica Stork

Let's give a big Keeper of Wonder, hello!, to Jessica Stork. Jess is one of the librarians I hunted down on Twitter and arm wrestled into telling us her deepest darkest shelving secrets. And she agreed! You can find her on Twitter at @jessstorkwrites.

Tell us about your library? (Where, what, anything quirky or cool?) What's your job title and description? 

I work at a Public Library. Even though it's brand new, we still have comfy chairs and fireplaces that are great for curling up next to with a book. I am a Library Associate and I work in the Children's department, doing art story times, running a Young Writer's Group and trying to match up readers with the right book

What was the most recent book request?  

The BFG by Roald Dahl… he never gets old! (I love to read this one aloud to kids - doing the voices is great!)

What was your most recent book suggestion to a patron? 

I suggested Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine to a teacher who was looking for a book with a really unique voice and narrator.

What was your most recent book suggestion to a friend? 

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. One of those rare cases in which I loved the movie so much, it led me to the book, and the short story the book was based off of. A lonely zombie who wonders if other zombies are lonely too, or if they just want to eat brains… what's not to love about that? (If it has zombies, I'm in. I put the movie on my Netflix queue. Sounds like books should go in my TBR pile)

If you could sit down to your favorite beverage with any current kidlit author, who would it be? And why? 

I'd love to ask Lisa Yee how she gets into her character's heads so well. And I'd really enjoy hearing more about why Marley thought the Star Trek Original Series was superior (when Next Generation was so amazing). (I think Cheryl Klein talks about Lisa Yee in her writing book.)

What book do you wish you had in your library (professional or personal or both) but don’t? (this can be something written or something you’ve never seen) 

Lego poetry? Perhaps it's out there somewhere and I just need to find it. (!!!!!!)

What about you would make us say, “REALLY? But you’re a librarian!” ? 

Hmm… does an intense love of Star Trek and Star Wars count? I don't really have any other unlibrarianesque traits, as I can't dance, and I often wear my hair in buns.

Five favorite books of the past five years.  

1. Fake Mustache by Tom Angleberger (The true power of facial hair) 
2. Warp Speed by Lisa Yee (Fighting against bullying… with Star Trek)  
3. Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown (Luke Skywalker as a toddler!) 
4. Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai (Amazing Poetry and a beautiful story about life after Vietnam) 
5. Kel Gilligans Daredevil Stunt Show by Michael Buckley and Illustrated by Dan Santat (Jumping through a flaming hoop is child's play compared to what this daredevil can do)

Thanks so much for stopping in, Jess!


  1. Great interview! I haven't checked out Warm Bodies yet, but I remember thinking the trailer looked awesome. Will have to rent it :)

  2. LOVED The BFG when I was a kid - I may have to re-read! And Inside Out and Back Again was fantastic, so glad I picked that one up.

  3. Great interview! My son loves the Darth Vader and Son, and my daughter loves the follow up, Vader's Little Princess. Perfect for my house.

  4. I'm rereadig The BFG right now! Dahl is simply amazing. And yay for buns! ;)

  5. Warm Bodies is such a great movie! I've often thought about looking up the book. And yes, big Star Wars/Trek fan here!

  6. Another great interview!

    Long live the books of Dahl!


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