Friday, December 14, 2012

Things That Are Wrong

I'm sitting here looking at a class of fifteen tenth through twelfth graders.

What's wrong is even having the worry that one might be a shooter.
I worry that a shooter might get to them.

I shouldn't have to worry about this.
They shouldn't have to worry about each other.

I shouldn't have to re-lock my doors when I come in so that if I must slam them shut and locked, they stay that way.

I shouldn't have to imagine which door a gun-wielding maniac might barge into.

I shouldn't.
You shouldn't.
We shouldn't.

Let the shooters slip through the cracks.

I don't understand.
I'm sure you don't either.

I love you.


  1. I will never understand the killing of children. How hollow must one be to do such a thing? I am sorry you must lock your doors. I am sorry we must all become untrusting.

  2. Apparently, evil is bottomless.

    When my father was teaching, he lamented that teachers were having to become substitute parents.

    I am so sorry that teachers must now become bodyguards.

    Bless you all for your heroism.

  3. There are things that just shouldn't be.

  4. Hugs. What people will do to other people, children and animals--and themselves-- is beyond understanding. But the shadow is there.

  5. So sorry you have to worry about this. That we all do. What can be done? It feels hopeless and bewildering.

  6. These shooting happening around the country are terrifying, but I was absolutely floored when I heard about the one in Connecticut. Kids. Little kids. I kept imagining what I would do if someone called me and told me my darling 5yo niece was shot while at school. I don't understand, and it makes me ill.

    My prayers are to the families suffering from loss. I can't imagine what they must be experiencing. I just have to remember that God has a plan for each one of us.

    I imagine that, as a teacher, it really hits close to home.

    Best of luck to you and all my well-wishes.

  7. I completely hear you. To be very honest, I'm so glad we don't have school until January right now (I mean, other than just a break!) because I couldn't handle looking at my students and the concern of "what if"--it shouldn't be that way in a school!

  8. This post absolutely breaks my heart. You are exactly right on all counts. You shouldn't have to look at closets and cabinets as hiding places, and you shouldn't have to plan what you'll say to your students if the unthinkable happens. I am sick to my stomach about this.

  9. It's become a very scary world. And you're right. I really don't understand.

  10. I love you too, and it doesn't make sense. Killing in any capacity doesn't make sense. But little kids? Yeah...


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