Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Hi Jinx - Those Crazy Traditions

This year is a stay on the farm Christmas which means a mellow Christmas Eve and a big friends gathering, for a meal on Christmas day.

What I won't be doing is gathering at my Mom's house for the Christmas Eve gala wherein everyone exchanges gifts and inevitably, my Uncle Milton shakes every gift, no matter the size, and proclaims loudly -

"Right. I got it. Let's see. I know. *finger tests the wind* It's a fifth of whiskey!"

Tie box, enormous box, tiny jewelry box, fifth of whiskey sized box. Does not matter. If Milton doesn't say it. It's not Christmas. And what's weirder, everyone in these photos is Jewish. We were the Jewish family that celebrated Christmas (I was raised Episcopal but my Mom's family was Jewish - Milton married a Catholic girl but his kids were raised in the temple.)

Do you have a family character? A funny tradition that makes Christmas uniquely yours? I'd love to hear about it, and in the meantime, may you have a blessed holiday with family and friends.
My grandmother, Uncle Milton, and my aunt, circa '70's Christmas Eve

My uncle with a fifth of whiskey box in his hand, that's me on the left, I'm guessing about 15 years old. 

Uncle Milton, circa now. :0)


  1. Ha! Love the pics. Happy Christmas!!!

  2. It seems like Milton is easy to buy for :)

    This reminds me of my sister and a different holiday. My oldest sister married a NYC Jewish man. She wanted to make points with his seriously Jewish mama, so she tried to bake eggs for Passover (I have no idea what the real tradition is). She had no idea how to do it and also doesn't cook anyway, so she just put a dozen whole raw eggs (in the shell) in the oven and turned it on high . . . use your imagination. It didn't impress mama.

  3. I think there might be one too many characters in my family. ;) And congrats on finishing your draft!

  4. My dad used to sit in the middle of the living room floor and YELL out names as he handed out Christmas gifts. His yelling voice always sounded mad, and he passed out all the gifts at once so there was this mass tearing of paper and nobody saw what anybody else got. Guess what? We don't do it this way. :)

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