Saturday, April 28, 2012

A-Z Challenge - Y is for Yard Sales and You'uns

When you live in a rural place, it's not like you can drive around the subdivision searching for the yard sale signs. No. Yard sale-ing is an art form and here's how you do it right.

  1. Load up your horse trailer and take all your crap down to the highway.
  2. Find an empty parking lot and unload. Right there next to the highway.
  3. Pull out your lawn chairs and make a day of it.
  4. Wave at your friends and neighbors as they drive by and honk. 
  5. Only go on Fridays and Saturdays because it is most certainly a sin to yard sale on Sunday.
If you're a yard sale enthusiast, you might try the town-wide yard sale in Bakersville, NC in June. Everything from chickens to saddles. Or, if you're a huge yard sale enthusiast try The World's Longest Yardsale - 127 highway miles of crap you may need.

Now, here's a tip if you're yard sale-ing and want to seem like a local. Yes, this is the south, but 'round here, we don't say y'all. We say you'uns. And depending upon what holler you're from, you might say You-uns, You-ins, or Y'uns. All are correct.

A typical yard sale conversation might go like this:

Customer: How much do you'uns want for that there shovel?
Seller: Why I ain't sure. I reckon give me five dollars.
Customer: Five dollars, why that's a fair amount of money. Would you'uns throw in that flyer pot?
Seller: Why, I'd throw it in, but I reckon I'd have to get seven for the two of them.
Customer: Seven dollars, you say? Well, what about we throw in this here bunch of ramps and call it a trade. And would you hold on to it for me till I finish my tradin'?
Seller: Why I wouldn't care to a bit. I reckon that'll work. I'll see y'uns when you stop on back.

(Note, if you've been following my posts, this should all make perfect sense to you - if you haven't see the letter A, R, & T for clues)

So, do you like doing some tradin'?


  1. Hahahaha! I reckon them flyer pots sure made fair tradin'! :D

  2. Love it. Thanks for another fascinating post.

  3. Yard sales are a little more planned and formal around here. And nobody uses a horse trailer!

  4. That sign made me LOL.

    People around here just post the address on signs. How boring.

    Here, though, what you need to say is "youse guys," or just "youse."

  5. Sidenote of interest, our property in TN is in the county that originated the 127 yardsale. This summer will be our first time being there during the event. Should be interesting!

  6. So why the heck would I want ramps if I've got cement blocks and they have so many more uses :)

    Fun post.


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