Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A-Z Challenge - D is for Decoration Day

Appalachians have a cool tradition that I'd never heard of before moving here. Much like the Hispanic tradition of Dia de los Muertos, many families celebrate what is known as Decoration Day. Once a year, the same weekend each year, families gather together to spruce up their family burial plots. Live flowers, plastic flowers, plants and shrubs are planted. Weeds are cleared. Grass is cut. The musically inclined play banjos, fiddles, and guitars while reedy-voiced women raise their voices in praise.

When the day is done, it's time for the feasting. And since Decoration Day is much like a family reunion, it is a joyful gathering.

Sometimes church recipes can be downright strange. Here's one for sharing. Next time you go to a church supper, tell 'em your mountain friend recommended it! 

What's the strangest potluck dish you've ever experienced?


2 Cans(15oz) Corn with Peppers/Fiesta Corn or Southwestern Corn, drained
1 Bunch Green Onions
1/2 Cup Mayo
2 Tablespoons Veg. Oil
Frito Corn Chips, crushed

In a medium bowl empty your corn and peppers. Chop the green onions and then combine them witht the corn and peppers.  Use as much as you like. Add the mayo and veg. oil to the corn mixture and toss to coat the
vegs well. Cover the bowl with a lid and ref. for 4 hours or overnight. Sprikle the crushed Fritos on top of the corn before you serve this. Add as much Fritos as you like as this it what makes it so good. But do not add until you are ready to serve this as they will get soggy.


  1. I've never been to a pot luck, but have always wanted to.
    Wagging Tales

  2. I love potlucks! It's more about people than that food, most the time. Great post! :)

  3. Oh, you had to go there. You had to remind me of the "strange" potluck dish my husband and I took to a company picnic. It was called a light and lively salad. My husband's aunt had recommended it. She said everyone would love it. She was wrong.
    Nobody touched it.
    They wouldn't go near it.
    They whispered about it.
    We sneaked it back into the car, hoping no one would notice we brought it.
    Yeah. It was that strange.

  4. Sounds like a fun holiday tradition. I think I'll pass on the frito corn salad. :)

  5. The strangest potluck dish I ever experienced was also one I made myself. One of my coworkers was lactose intolerant, so I decided to make tofu "cheesecake" just for her. It looked wonderful until it sat on the potluck table for a couple of hours... Needless to say, I never made that again. BTW, love the Decoration Day idea... What a lovely tradition. See you later in the A to Z Challenge!

  6. Potlucks are great - my artist friends have them all the time and they are fun. Lack of restaurants makes for good cooks (and I don't mean Frito corn salad)

    Linda - Hilarious. And love how you wrote your reply.

    Julie - That wasn't quite the recipe I was looking for, I remember the one I was presented with had French dressing in the mix. Blech.

  7. Coming from Illinois in the 1950s, Decoration Day/Memorial Day/Veteran's Day were big days for the cemetery and for potlucks. Your dish trumps anything I can remember.

  8. What an interesting tradition. I like the idea of making graveyards more friendly.

  9. Interesting festival and wonderful recipe. Thanks!

  10. What a cool celebration! We (my 2nd grade group of students) just read a story about Dia De Los Muertes in class and how they make all this food and celebrate the life of a dearly departed at night - my kids were riveted.

    Happy Hump Day!
    My D

  11. I've heard of Decoration Day before, but I've never known anyone who celebrated it.

    Interesting post!

  12. Catholic South Louisiana has a similar custom on All Saints Day. There usually isn't music afterwards, but there's usually a Mass somewhere in the day. Potlucks tend to be things like gumbo, shrimp salads, etc. So much depends upon regional foods.

  13. I wonder how far back the history of the Decoration Day goes? That recipe does sound ghastly! I'm loving hearing about the Appalacians.


  14. What an interesting idea, and a great way to celebrate loved ones who are no longer around in a happy way. :)

  15. Reminds me of frito bean salad, similar except substitute chili beans for the corn. Yum! I have never heard of decoration day before


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