Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolutions and Goals and Overcoming Fear.

I love the New Year. Each year is like a time capsule, a moment in space and time marked by people, events, animals, emotions. Some are better than others. Some are marked by tragedy. Some marked by joy. Most marked by a little of both.

Chelsea Rose, Me, and Druid, aka "Little Man". Both are old-style Morgan horses.

Because I love resolutions and goals, I'm going to put them here. Maybe we can cheer each other on as we try and do simple or complex things in our lives.

So without further ado - my resolutions and goals:
  1. Work with my horses, regularly, like once a week. This year, I think I was on a horse's back all of three times. I had a bad wreck in the fall of 2009 and have had horsey PTSD since. Plus the two guys pictured above are youngsters. I've started the bay, Chelsea, but have not ridden her out at all and the chestnut, Druid, has been saddled but I've never thrown a leg over. It's time. He's four. I'm even going to chronicle my progress here - a way to hold myself accountable for not letting fear defeat me when it comes to something I love.  More to come in a future blog post.
  2. Read many books, again. This year I read 85. I don't have a number goal in sight for 2012, but a content goal. I want at least every other book to be either a 2011 or 2012 release. This is difficult for me because most of my financial extra goes toward feeding the guys in goal #1 and our library isn't so current. But I'm going to try, even if it means heading to Asheville to the library there.
  3. Continue to write for 45 minutes to an hour, five to six days per week. Last year this habit served me well, I want to keep it going.
  4. A cheesy one - I really dislike weight loss and exercise goals, but I did put on weight this year and it's threatening to send me clothing shopping for a larger size. Nope. Nipping that one in the bud. Hopefully Goal 1 will help with Goal 4. I know it will.
  5. Be intentional, thoughtful, and loving with my family and students. This goal is always there.
  6. Keep growing and learning in my craft as a writer.
Then of course, along with resolutions, there are dreams. I had a dream realized last year when I signed with my awesome agent. I had another dream realized when I went out on sub - that's right, my manuscript's on the desks of real-live NYC editors. So of course, my dream for this year, is to actually sell a book, to know that something I wrote is going to wind up in the hands of readers. That would make 2012 a real year to remember. (and hey, let's hope the Mayans are wrong - I'd like to stick around to see if my goals pan out!)

And you - any goals or dreams? Fears that stand in your way of doing something you love?


  1. Wonderful goals! You will make lots of progress (and keep those lbs off) with your goals. I hope you achieve all of them in 2012!

  2. Those are all awesome goals! I'm still waiting to land an agent. Then I'll worry about the book deal.

    Good luck to you!!

  3. Great goals! I love your horses :)

    2012 is basically the year to attempt to stay sane for me--if I can do that, I'll be happy! Haha!

  4. Thanks all! Setting goals is always fun for me - and typically I hit about a 50% rate with them.


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