Tuesday, November 22, 2011

High School Tuesday (or the schizophrenia of youth)

The thing that is the most fun about teenagers is you truly NEVER know where the conversation will go.

Today, my rowdy sophomore boys were hanging out by my desk, goofing on the computers since all their work was turned in.  One boy, plops down right on my desktop and starts looking at my bulletin board where he sees the list for the Santa Tree kid I chose.  My kid is 15, a girl, and wants a toy plate set, a baby doll, and a teddy bear.

I  had assumed she was a special needs kid and said this to the boy.  Another boy piped up and said, "Yeah, but maybe she just never had the childhood she wanted."
Boy on my desk says, "Yeah, I still pull out my Buzz Lightyear every now and then."
Other Boy replies "Yeah, when days are really boring, I'll still play with my Hot Wheels."
Third boy pipes up, "And you can never watch Toy Story too many times."

I think my mouth was hanging open, because, literally, moments before, Boy on Desktop was stressing about the courses he'd need to take to get into Super University and how in the world he (podunk town kid) was going to be able to compete with some kid from some place as cool as Japan.

So as writers - we need to remember that as much as the angst and the pain and the heartbreak and peer pressure and questions exist, there is also the quiet Saturday afternoon where a childhood toy just might make a reappearance in a fifteen year old's life.

Word for the Week
Derrrrfy - As in someone who says "Derrrrr" a lot.  Synonoms, dork, nerdy, goofy.  It is by no means derrrfy to pull out Buzz Lightyear if you're feeling blue.  (And # of r's is up to the user)


  1. Love it! Never would have guessed :) (And I love the "didn't have the childhood she wanted" comment--so deep for a HS boy!)


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