Thursday, July 7, 2011

So call me a cheater, why don't you?

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I know. One burning question. But here's the thing - I've got a whopping 14 new followers from my two days of participation in Blogfest and I had another question.

Drumroll please.

So - when you see query replies in your mail box. How many of you automatically just say
  1. "Ah, it's a rejection. Whatever."
  2. "Oh, where is my significant other, I can't look at this alone."
  3. "This is the one, I know it's the one, I can feel it in my bones."
  4. "Somebody bring me the vodka!"
I will admit to being a 1 mostly, and occasionally a 2, 3, and 4. Just a crazy thought while perusing my daily Querytracker stats. Thanks for humoring me!


  1. I go with number one, but only because I don't drink. For me, it would be "Somebody bring me the chocolate!" Ha!

  2. Normally, I go with 1. If it's one I was really hoping for, I go with 4 after I've opened it and it's a rejection. Except make it a glass of red wine. Or two.

  3. Chocolate and/or red wine actually work better for me too.

  4. I have a nasty habit of going with number 3 every time. I also assume I'm going to win each time I buy a lottery ticket!
    Fun little quiz!


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