Friday, July 15, 2011

The Moping Middles otherwise known as the Head Monkeys

A critique partner of mine refers to the doubts that plague writers as The Head Monkeys. I laugh at this phrase. It brings up memories of the Wizard of Oz and those little actors dressed up in monkey suits.

But it's real and right now, at 25K into a new WIP, I've got a bad case of the head monkeys. The first stage was well planned out - I knew the physical foibles my MC would encounter (emotional is always more intuitive) - but now mid-way through, I'm floundering a bit. My muses have turned to monkeys. I keep plugging away, willing myself to put words to paper, allowing myself that really cruddy first draft, but the monkeys are chattering and demanding bananas. I'm choosing to put my hands over my ears, eyes and mouth and act like a different set of monkeys.

When do your Head Monkeys appear? Drafting? Revising? Querying? And what's more, how do you banish them?

Hope your writing weeks are going well! Happy weekend.


  1. "The head monkeys" is a new one for me. Mine appear during the revising stage. I feel confident in what I've written right up until I realize I totally screwed it up and I have to fix it. Then it's like a clock ticking in my ear until I get it right. Good luck with your WIP. I hope you silence those darn monkeys!

  2. I never had head monkeys until I got to the querying stage. I'm still there. And so are the monkeys.

    They've overstayed their welcome.

  3. That's a new term for me, too. I actually can get them at any stage.


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