Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is Fasnizzle a word?

I don't care if it is or isn't. I'm in a fasnizzle. My young adult novel, CAST IN GOLD, is feeling some agent love and I'm in that knotted stomach, do I want to throw up or eat massive amounts of chocolate stage.

It's waaaaaaaaaay too soon to crow. I'm just at that step on my journey where I've passed the following stages.
  • Lots of beginner writer mistakes
  • Falsely self-confident
  • Can't write a query to save my soul
  • Yay, I'm getting query rejections so I'm a real writer
  • Wow, I'm getting partial requests so now I'm really a real writer and I can write a query!
To now being at the
  • Holy cowabunga, I'm sending out a full! Could I, would I, should I, oh please.......

And being the utter Pollyanna pragmatist that I am, I know that getting an agent is only the gateway to the second circle of hell - going on submission - but you must have an agent to walk through the biggest doors to the hot fire that is publishing. And, please oh powers greater than me, forgive me if I'm in a fasnizzle over this. It's just, well, so, COOL!!!!!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to check my e-mail again.


  1. Fasnizzle is a word if you want it to be a word.

    Congrats on the interest.

  2. It's a great word. Keep it and use it in a story. Meanwhile, congratulations on this next step in the road.. Keep us posted.

  3. It absolutely is cool. And you should be fasnizzled about it, whatever that means. Maybe it means "to be on the cusp of signing with an agent." Yeah, let's go with that.

    Fingers crossed and full Pollyanna speed ahead. :)


  4. Will be waiting to hear your good news. Enjoy that feeling of hope. It's a beautiful one!

  5. Thanks Kristin and Angelina - I am trying to ignore this exciting wait as best I can. But even if it is ulitimately a pass, I feel validated in knowing I'm so close.

  6. Fasnizzle--hey, why not? :D

    Congratulations on the request for a full!

  7. Congratulations! Good luck and it's ok to be fasnizzle foshizzle!


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