Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Dog Days of July?

Record heat waves around the country are cooler in the Appalachians, but, hey, I don't have air conditioning, so even high 80's is torture.

Fortunately, my next-door neighbor (the 25 acres next to our 14 acres so not like city next-door neighbors) has river frontage that she's willing to share. Bad Dog Henry likes to cool his tootsies and even though we sweat bullets climbing back up from the river - that cold mountain water is sure nice when you're in it.

Henry is a Great Pyrenees dog. A breed known for guarding goats and sheep and lesser known for one other unique trait. Stubbornness. Bad Dog Henry got his name for his propensity to roam, jump in other people's cars, then try and bite them if they asked him to get out. So this big dufus is a leash dog now. Bad Dog Henry.

Great Pyrenees are one of three breeds making an appearance in my current WIP. I guess I love them since I'm sort of stubborn myself.

Off to see HP 7.2 in a bit - Hope you're beating the heat in equally fun ways.


  1. Hope you keep all the characters straight in the big fight.

  2. He is a beautiful doggie! Did you like HP? I thought it was directed pretty well even though I wish more attention had been paid to the deaths of certain characters.

  3. Kay - this isn't a dog book, just have a character who breeds dogs. No fights - one big happy family.

    AA - I really loved HP - they certainly breezed past the Weasley boy's death - but Snape made me cry.


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