Monday, July 4, 2011

Baby you're a firework!

Today is Independence day for our dear country, the good old U.S.ofA. And what am I thinking about? I'm thinking about Katie Perry's song, Firework.

"Uh, dude?" you may ask. "How come you're thinking about that chick's song on the Fourth of July, well other than the fireworks of course?"

"Well, dude." I might respond. "I'm thinking of that song because of fireworks, but also because I love the message."

Huh? The message? In a pop song?

Damn straight. That song is about the independence to be yourself. To believe in yourself. And if you're like me - out there on the front lines working hard to get an agent. Putting your sweet little creative soul on the chopping block day after day, you need some fireworks. And some pop music. And some belief. In yourself.

So this is for you fellow writers! You are a freakin' firework!!!!!!!! Exclamation points and all.

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