Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A few exciting updates

With less than six months till NO PLACE TO FALL finally launches, things are starting to happen!

The e-arc is now available on Edelweiss. If you are a librarian, bookstore owner, or book blogger, you can jump on their site and request a copy for review! Here's the link:

My launch party is scheduled! That's right! I'm actually going through with it and plan on a big shindigarama. Malaprops, my favorite independent bookstore in Asheville, NC, will be hosting it. So if you're close, please put Tuesday, December 9th, on your calendar (my guess is 7pm, though it's not set yet). I hope to have music and there will be light refreshments along with questions and answers, etc. I'm dreadfully excited and dreadfully nervous all at the same time.

And speaking of Malaprops, they are now my official venue for signed copies of NO PLACE TO FALL. This includes pre-orders. So if you want a personalized copy or just a plain old Jro signed on the dot, you can let them hook you up. Here's that link:

In the meantime, I'm scheming about a story related to NPTF, working on Book 2, and finishing out my school year. Last day of testing today, then a couple of days with straggler kids, and 2 TWD's next week, then, BOOM, summer.


  1. Yay for your book launch party! If I had a more reliable car, I'd definitely make the drive down from Virginia. Enjoy your summer :)

  2. How exciting to have your launch party planned! Happy end of the school year!

  3. So exciting!! Hope your summer is going well!!


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