Sunday, May 18, 2014

Stream of Ramble and Lana Del Rey

I miss blogging about my life and about writing, but my brain space is limited to little squiggles between the lobes. School, book 2, life, animals, chores, etc take up all of me these days. But just know I've had deep thoughts about POV and characterization and plot and why it is some teenagers can't see their worth even when they're fabulous. And between all that is climate change which when we go from mid 80 temps back to heater weather back to mid 90's and it's flooding in the Balkans and flaming in California it's all more than a small human can bear. Yet there are ranchers in Nevada having stand offs with the BLM over solar panels and grazing land for cattle which if we all just stopped eating meat seven nights a week (holla, doing my part, been veggie based diet for going on two months now), the world wouldn't need so much cattle land and we could put up solar and wind and harness cleaner energies and maybe the glaciers would slow their melt.

Now that I've got you all happy, I'll leave you with my current favorite song.


  1. Ah! I had one of those days - well, many of those days - this past week. Just things on top of things that seem overwhelming, and so much discouraging nonsense being said by people I previously had much more respect for (closer to home for me) and I'm just trying to finish my book and get my kid off to school, and I've taken to staying up until dawn and sleeping while the kid is in school because there's no one around to bother me in the middle of the night. But when school gets out in a few weeks I'll have to go back to living among the daywalkers. Ah well. At least I got two chapters edited today and a lot of the back yard cleaned up, and that song is fantastic. So thank you :)


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