Sunday, February 23, 2014

All the exciting things.

Whew. Life is a whirlwind when you finally reach your dream of publication. Interrupted by quite a few eyes of the storms. It's fast, wait, fast, wait, fast wait.

This past week, with the release of my cover, I've seen NO PLACE TO FALL jump from something like 250 adds on to-be-read shelves to over 600. I'm in that fun place where it's all people clicking and adding but no reviews yet, so Goodreads is not yet my nemesis.

My book has shown up for pre-order on both Book Depository and Amazon (both with an error or two - BD has a description that isn't accurate and Amazon says it's a $16 paperback instead of the hardbound book it will be, but I've no worries that will get fixed) over the past couple of days, which is WILD! I'm now one real pregnancy away from my book releasing into the wild. Approx. nine months from now Harper will release it from their warehouses.

In the meantime, I'm still working through first pass pages. This is the last time I get to dabble in the stew of words I've created and it's a weird blend of torture (it's so hard to read it yet again. Serious book fatigue) and excitement to see my book in chapter and print form.

I'm reading tons of ARCs from other 2014 debuts and though I love the chance to support my debut class, I am looking forward to reading the mass of other things on my own TBR pile, like Megan Shepherd's Her Dark Curiosity and Megan Miranda's Vengeance. Also Charm and Strange, Just One Day, September Girls, and Wanderlove. Reading is such an inspiration for my writing.

Besides that, this weekend has been beautiful! I worked with my two youngsters (horses) yesterday for the first time in months and I hope to do it again today! Hope all is well in your worlds!



  1. How exciting to get to see that number climbing! Very awesomesauce.

  2. Ohhhh! The cover's out. Must go check!

  3. So seriously exciting! I'm really looking forward to the release! (Also, you *may* want to swing by my blog tomorrow...just for fun!)

  4. Completely agree about reading being the best inspiration for my writing. And LOL about that "one real pregnancy" line.


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