Monday, December 30, 2013

Transitioning Into Next Year - the Highlights of 2013 & the Wishes for 2014

 I think this year I'm going to approach my life in list format. It works pretty well for me in the "get stuff done" category, but I also love to have a snapshot of the past year in blog format.

So here goes - impressions of things I loved and things that gave me joy

Creative Life

Hiking into Lost Cove for story research
Taking a commute photograph once a day from Jan-June last spring
Silkscreening t-shirts for friends
Doodling in ARCs
Attending SCBWI Carolinas meeting new friends and spending extra time with old.
A writer's retreat with nine amazing women
Editing No Place To Fall and falling in admiration and respect for my editor
Seeing my cover comps
Having letterpress business cards made by an artist
Mentoring for PitchWars
Teaching wonderful teenagers
Writing, writing, writing

Personal Life

A vacation with my extended family for my parent's 50th anniversary
Time spent with Emily, Abel and their families
Getting my horses trained and resuscitating my riding mojo
Renovating the bathroom and fixing long broken things
Being happy with the choice of living simply
Loving on R, my dogs, and my sweet country home

Book Life

Reading so many wonderful ARC's soon to be released into the world.
The Elegance of the Hedgehog and The Night Circus - my 2 favorite adult books this year
All The Truth That's In Me, Hold Still, & Paper Covers Rock - my 3 favorite YA reads this year
Reading a total of 86 books in 2013 plus manusucripts for CP's - not bad

So what do I want for 2014?

It really only boils down to this. Health, happiness, and graciousness as I enter my debut year. As a new author it's easy to become narcissistic and tunnel blind to all of the amazing that's happening, but I hope to approach this year with balance, gratitude, and humility. I want to keep my friends close and my family closer. I want to remember that, though monumentally exciting, this is only a blip on the radar of my abundant life. 

(I do have a few tiny resolutions - I plan on keeping a visual journal in the year 2014. I'd like to do my daily photograph again, though this time on @instagram, and my horse & house goals continue)

And I do hope that you,  my blog reader, will stop in for more great author and librarian interviews, along with the occasional reckless musings. Happy New Year! Anything you want to share about your year or the one to come?


  1. Ooohh, I haven't read Hedgehog. Thanks for the tip. Best wishes for a super 2014!

  2. You've had such a wonderful year. Here's to health and happiness in 2014!

    I'd really love to see those business cards. ;)

  3. Health, happiness and graciousness are amazing goals! I posted some of mine over at my blog, but basically they're just to keep writing and move to a new house. Happy new year!

  4. I love that life breaks down into creative, personal, and book. :)

  5. You are going to rock your debut year!


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