Monday, September 30, 2013

KEEPER OF WONDER: An Interview with Tiffany Wells

Today on the blog I'm interviewing Fancy Nancy! Kidding, but it is school librarian, Tiffany Wells, dressed as Fancy Nancy. Cute, right? Find Tiffany on Twitter at @FEBLibraryGirl (Because her kindergarteners last year called her Library Girl and the name has just stuck!) (When I was teaching the little ones, my name was "Hey Miss Art Teacher" so I totally understand!)

Tell us about your library? (Where, what, anything quirky or cool?) What's your job title and description?    

I work at F.E. Burleson in Hartselle, Alabama.  Last year our system restructured and added an intermediate school so we are now only K-4. We also gained a PreK program for the first time this year.  This is my second year as Library Media Specialist.   It is my duty to maintain the collection, collaborate with teachers, assist with technical needs, and help students gain literacy skills and a love for reading!   (Helping kids gain literacy skills! We authors love you!)

What was the most recent book request?  My most recent book request was for the Cajun version of Little Red Riding Hood, Petite Rouge.

What was your most recent book suggestion to a patron?  

I suggested one of our brand new ghost folktales books to one of my third grade boys.  He loved it!

What was your most recent book suggestion to a friend?  

This summer I read the first 10 books of Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series. I just couldn’t put them down.  I’ve suggested them to lots of friends over the summer!

If you could sit down to your favorite beverage with any current kidlit author, who would it be? And why?    

Oh wow.  What a tough decision.  I saw an interview with Tomie dePaola one time and I just loved him. He’s so funny and tells great stories from his past. I would love to sit and just chat with him. 

What book do you wish you had in your library (professional or personal or both) but don’t? (this can be something written or something you’ve never seen)    

I wish we had more children's books that were stongly “southern”, more in the way that adult fiction can be.  I love living in the south and the unique things that makes our region special. (So fortunate that in our area we have picture book writer, Gloria Houston, who spotlights the Appalachian area where we live - Southern voice in writing is one of my faves, too.)

What about you would make us say, “REALLY? But you’re a librarian!” ?   

I’m Loud.  Really LOUD. Ha! And my favorite subject has always been math.  I was a 5th grade math and science teacher before I started my position as librarian. (this is where our paths split - me no do numbers!)

Five favorite books of the past five years.   (My favorite 5 children's books since becoming a librarian…sorry I’m just changing your questions!)

1.  Is There Really a Human Race by Jamie Lee Curtis.  Found this last year and fell in love.  Such a strong message of the bigger meaning of life!
2.   Z is for Moose by Kelly Bingham.  Its just funny to me!
3.   Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss
4.   Diary of a Wimpy Kid – the series…love those!
5.   Me…Jane – Quirky book I got this summer with gorgeous illustrations.  


  1. I wish librarians had been like this when I was a kid. Back then it was all ladies who hushed us when we got too loud. I'm glad it didn't override my love of reading.

  2. I must say that that is an awesome costume!! :) Nice to meet you, Tiffany!

  3. I love that you're loud and that your favorite subject has always been math. Great costume, btw. My kids are huge fans of Fancy Nancy:D

  4. the kids at Burlson are so lucky!!! My librarian was not NEARLY this cool.

    This is a great series, Jaye!


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