Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Five

Stopping in to catch y'all up on the wild, wild life of Jro. (Cue hysterical laughter)
Little Man
1. Thanks to Joyce Lewis of Safe Horse Training in Georgia, I am now riding both of my youngsters. Little Man was born in my barn aisle (I tried to get his Mama in a stall but she preferred the aisle) and Chelsea I bought as a yearling. Those of you who regularly follow my blog know I overcame a great deal of fear from a riding accident to get to this place. I've ridden since I was five but having a severe accident in your forties is harder to overcome, than bouncing like you do in your teens. Anyway, it's fun to sort out their two personalities. Druid is a bit more tentative on the trail but he has a smooth trot and a brilliant slow lope and is super light to commands. Chelsea takes everything in stride. She's a bit more persnickety when asked to do things like yielding her hind quarters. She has a huge trot and loves to jump (over obstacles on the lunge - I'm not back to popping over logs just yet). Sadly, the responsible thing for me to do is to find the perfect new home for one of the two, as my teaching/writing schedule will make it nearly impossible to keep two fit. But! The silver lining is - see all that pudge in my thighs and hips and belly? That is going to get more like how I see myself in my  mind's eye with all the renewed equestrian activity!

2. I'm reading Swamplandia by Karen Russell and though I'm digesting it in small bites, I love how she describes the flora and fauna of swamp ecology and blends in historical swamp tackling facts. She's sort of a literary Carl Hiaasen with a magical realism bent. Reading adult books seems to be the way I'm working this revision.

3. Today is sassy hair day and, no, I doubt I'll do anything crazy different. I'm comfortable with my "do" but my stylist, Frankie Bolt, is also a writer and currently enrolled at VCFA and it's great to chat writing while taking my cure for the grey.

4. School starts next Wednesday, which is later than it ever has, hallelujah. Students don't return until the 19th but I'm feeling behind the eight ball this school year. Why? 

5. Revision, that's why! I'm still tackling my second edit letter but the finish line is in sight. Amber's story is completely the same (girl has dreams of leaving small town, finds out about high school to study vocals, falls for her best friend's brother, gets mixed up in her brother-in-law's illegal business, risks her dreams) and completely different. I've added entire new chapters, deleted scenes I never thought would leave, lost characters, and honed, honed, honed. Hopefully, once I'm out of the thicket I can write a post about the intensity of Big 5 revision. This business is not for people who think their words are precious. New motto: Words are cheap. If they don't work, lose them and move on. (I liken it to shooting with film - I think the standard was one decent shot out of a roll of 36 images)

That's my five. How are you?


  1. Hello! Sounds like you've had a pretty busy yet fun summer. I love the pictures. Horses are such beautiful animals. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us, Jaye. :D

  2. Sounds like you've been busy! :) Best of luck getting ready for the school year (I have two weeks...eep!) and the rest of your revisions!

  3. I'm glad you're back in the saddle, JRo! I've been edited, but not Big-5 edited -- and to think I'm *asking* for this. :) I've had that very same thought about words being like film. Cheap.

  4. I hear that positive spirit ringing through your five. Keep it up!


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