Monday, July 15, 2013

Oh Boy - The Aliens have landed! Oh wait? What's that Green Cloud?

I have a most unusual guest on my blog today. He's this little green dude named Ace Hansen that my writer friend, Angelina C. Hansen introduced me to.
But get this! Little Green Dude is a writer, too. And his book just came out this past Friday!
Here's the awesome cover and some links to purchase it! For less than FIVE DOLLARS load this on to your kid's Kindle!

Amazon Link - Muse It Up Link

But the most exciting part is Ace granted me, LITTLE OLD HUMAN ME, an interview! So without further ado:

Hi Ace! Tell us about your  new book!

People all over the earth are farting green and no one knows why. Whoever solves the mystery of the green gas will win a million-dollar prize. Who will solve the green gas crisis? 

What scene is going to make your readers roll on the floor in hilarity?

All of them, of course! But especially when Julius is trying on his Farty Pants in the school bathroom for the first time and in walks the dreaded bully, Jake the Snake.

If you could go shopping for gummy worms with any fictional friend, who would it be, and why?

ET. 'Cause he prefers Reese's Pieces and won't ask me to share my gummy worms. 

Can we find you on the web?

 Absolutely! Here's my website. 

Thanks Ace! And don't forget if you want to keep him rolling in the gummy worms, click on one of the two purchase links below the book title!


  1. Love me a little Ace in the morning. :)

  2. Farty Pants? Forget just kids reading this- I need to get my brother-in-law to read this, lol!

    1. And the wild thing is, they truly exist! Google them. ^_^


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