Sunday, July 21, 2013

Introducing-THE KEEPER OF WONDER SERIES-Librarians & A cool T giveaway

Some of my earliest memories of books have less to do with books than the place where they lived. The Mobile Municipal Library, Springhill branch, was the holder of my dreams. My mother drove me, and my younger brother, most Saturday mornings to exchange old books for new.

In the summer, you’d push through the thick glass doors and be greeted by a blast of icy cold air conditioning. When your skin adjusted to the prickle, the smell would hit your senses. To me it smelled like far-off places and horses. It smelled like Laura Ingall’s prairie and Walter Farley’s sands of Arabia. People probably walked by me and said things like “Ah, what an odd little girl with her nose in the air.” Or probably not. They were, most likely, recognizing a kindred spirit.

In the center of the main room were good old-fashioned card catalogs (I had a pre computer childhood), to the left were the circulation desks, somewhere beyond all that were magazines and nonfiction and adult novels, but the room to the right. That was the mecca. The children’s library.

I’m sad to say I don’t remember my exact librarians. In my mind, they are amorphous adult-like forms who were kind and treated me with the respect of a reader. I remember hands passing me a stack of books with my library (MY LIBRARY CARD!) card across a counter. I remember following a skirted form through tall aisles and a hand more vertical than my own, reaching up to pull something down. I remember smiles. And shusshing.

There’ve been school libraries, college libraries, libraries in different towns where I’ve lived, now there are the libraries in the school system I work and I finally can say “I know the librarian’s name.”

In that spirit, of wanting to shine a light on these women and men who have made their passion for the written word their career, to let them stand in a few minutes of author blog glory (laughs), I’ve decided to start a weekly interview series.




Because, you see, the interviews I’ve received so far are fantastic, interesting, funny. The gracious women (come on guys!) who agreed to play along, know their books and they’re telling us what they recommend, what gets checked out, and what they’d wish for in their own personal collection. It’s going to be fun.

So in honor of this series, the first will be next Monday, with the awesome Karen Jensen, @TLT16 on Twitter, one week and a day, I’m giving away T-shirts!!

(Some of you may or may not know that I teach art. I do a silkscreen unit and every so often I get my own wild hair to make shirts. This logo was inspired by fellow 2014 debut author, Mary Elizabeth Summers, who tweeted that she needed a shirt that said Twitter Is My Jam.  I was all over that.)
T-shirt is a true black, flash faded it out.

So, it’s easy to fill out the rafflecopter below, but MAKE SURE YOU DO IT FOR YOUR SIZE SHIRT! There are 4 forms. One for S, M, L, XL. They are roomy, so for you tiny people the small may feel REALLY BIG. But hey, if you win, it’s free, right? The shirts are made by Anvil and are a substantial pre-washed 100% cotton, boxy, scoop neck style. Black with Twitter blue printing ink. And people, they are home-made. By me. So any tiny ink flaws are entirely my own fault.

So that’s it! I hope you’re as excited as I am. And if you have any librarian friends, please send them my way! I already have interviews scheduled out into September, but they’re so great, we’re going to want to keep this going.

Mwah! Librarians! For The Win!

*back flips off the page*


  1. Libraries are very special places- and so are librarians! Looking forward to the interviews!

  2. Because mine always handed me a personalized summer reading list! She knew what stories I loved!

  3. I'm so excited about this interview series! Keepers of Wonder! Oh how awesome :D

  4. This is such an awesome idea! I wish I could remember more of my childhood librarians, but the only one I do was from my school library (and I mostly remember her hair--it was quite a 'do' :). Looking forward to this!

  5. I love librarians bc they are literally my people! I replied to your VerlaKay post if you are looking for more ppl to interview. :) Love this idea!

  6. My librarians are THE COOLEST people around. They are always available to help or answer questions, and they put together the best programs! People seriously come from other towns to attend our library programs because they're so stellar! And above all else, my librarian are just genuinely nice people. I proud to call them my friends! Love them!!

  7. I'm excited about this series! The title THE KEEPER OF WONDER SERIES is excellent; what an apt description.

  8. this is such a great idea. Looking forward to the interviews.

  9. Loved my childhood library which had a live-in cat in addition to wonderful books:)

    Great idea for a blog series. I look forward to reading it.

  10. I ADORE librarians! So many people have no idea what a resource they really are. They just think they're crazy book pushers and dime novels are their crack. I have the deepest respect and admiration for librarians and the depth of knowledge they possess, let alone their infectious passion for good writing and interesting information. Maybe it's the whole "Shhhh" thing or the whispery voices that confuse people. It's like, "Psst, kid. Wanna try a book. Come on...just one." Next thing you know, you're strung out on the Hardy Boys or the Gossip Girls or something.

    Librarians are beautiful souls. And they know a heck of a lot about a heck of a lot! Just ask them!

    Sending some serious librarian love...

  11. What is not to love about librarians??!! They can (and did with me) pluck the one book that will change a child's life. That is a superpower, my friends.

  12. Well, I AM one, LOL. But one reason I went into librarianship (after another brief career) was because I had always loved books and libraries. The librarian I remember from my childhood used to "save" special newly acquired books for me (I could only visit every other week, as it was in another town) because she knew what I liked. She also knew that I read so fast, I needed a big STACK of books to last me for 14 days. She was a treasure!

  13. My librarians showed me books--the kind my mom wanted me to read (older classics with substance), the kind I wanted to read when she wasn't there (fluffy candy books) and the kind I didn't know I wanted yet!

  14. This is such a fantastic idea! Librarians are wicked cool people. :)

  15. Honestly, when I was a kid, I was so shy I avoided librarians and tended to peruse the shelves for hours until I found the right books. I went to our library here though for the first time the other week and spend some time with one of the librarians and she was fantastic! Just so eager to help :)

  16. This is a neat and fantastic idea.
    I think librarians are often so overlooked.
    The ones at my local library are always welcoming, and full of recs when it comes to books or fun activities for kids and adults.


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