Monday, June 17, 2013

Being Scared

Way back in January of 2011 I wrote a blog post on Resolutions with the number one goal being to work with my 2 young horses. As I wrote then, I had a bad horse accident in fall of 2009 (Gosh, has it been almost FOUR YEARS?) that seriously curtailed my riding and riding enjoyment. I did continue to ride, but my main horse lamed herself the summer of 2010 and with my two youngsters untrained, I quit.

Now the time off wasn't futile. I wrote books. I got a publishing contract. I started teaching high school instead of elementary. And I continued to feed horses I wasn't riding.

With my book advance, I vowed to send my youngsters to school. And they're going here: SAFE HORSE TRAINING. Joyce Lewis, trainer extraordinaire, has been working first with Little Man and it hasn't been easy. He's been a pasture dude for 6 years and he hasn't taken to work with a lot of enthusiasm. But in the last week, he's turned a corner, and this weekend I'm taking Chelsea down for her turn and will be riding Little Man in a 3 day clinic.

But here's the deal. I'm honestly scared shitless. Getting injured was scary and hurt like the dickens and put me out of work for two weeks plus kept me pretty worthless at work for another 4 weeks (I broke my left wrist and dislocated and broke my right pinky finger, along with a massive sprained ankle and a busted up face and mouth).

The other deal is this though. We have to overcome our fears. And I plan on doing it. And even if I never go back to competitive trail riding or endurance, I'm getting on my damn horses.

So, come Friday-Sunday, y'all be sending positive thoughts and prayers out into the universe that I'm successful and that I walk away with confidence. And no broken bones.


  1. You can do it! I admire your willingness to try again with horse riding after your accident. Being afraid is part of the process, and no one judges you for it.

  2. Sending tons and tons of good thoughts your way! And even though you haven't been riding, you've been passing your love of horses onto others, so that's a big positive. Good luck this weekend and have fun!

  3. Trying again is such an important step. It is the willingness to get up and try again that sets you apart from others. Just getting up on the horse again is a huge step. I admire your strength to do this. I'm not sure I could do it myself. I'm rooting for you!!

  4. You can do it, Jaye!!

    Will definitely be thinking of you this Saturday, when my little guy has his third ever lifetime riding lesson :)

  5. I'm scared just reading this. I can't imagine getting near a horse again after that incident. Good luck and be safe. Maybe, just in case, you should wear a hockey helmet or a welder's mask or something?

  6. Yes you can! And enjoy yourself in the process!

  7. Go JRo! I'm glad you're getting back in the saddle (okay, I couldn't resist that one--just too perfect! :). Hope the clinic is a great success and you don't have any problems.

  8. I am in a very similar boat! My horse is 4 and I still haven't ridden him (no one has). I've had him since birth and have always wanted to train my own horse (I've done lots of training and retraining on horses, but never from scratch), but I work full time, have kids and write, so it just hasn't happened and was probably super stupid to begin with since I haven't ridden consistently in years. I may need to bite the bullet and just send him somewhere, too.

    Good luck at the clinic! You are right, we just have to push through the fear and go for what we want.

  9. Jaye, good for you for doing this. It can't be easy, but it sounds very much like you'd regret it if you never tried again. Stay safe and feel the magic! :)


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