Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Winners of the GUTGAA Giveaway

Thanks to Ellie Heller's suggestion to use to generate a list of winners. 
(there were 30 posts, but I eliminated one of Janallyne's because it was a misfire)

The 4th place winner (who got his 2nd choice) is:

2 David Harrison - Prize Pack B

The 3rd place winner (who got her 1st choice!) is:

26 Carey Torgeson - Prize Pack C

The 2nd place winner (who got her 2nd choice) is:

1 Catherine Scully - Prize Pack D

And the 1st place winner of a 25 page crit and query critique is:

12 Jessica Peterson - 25 page crit and query crit

I'll be e-mailing you each shortly to let you know! Congratulations and I hope GUTGAA was a positive experience for you. It really is a huge deal to put your work out there like that. 

Have a great start to October!


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