Monday, September 17, 2012

GUTGAA Pitch Contest #8 - The Other Side of Silence

adult fantasy
103,000 words

Someone has been sending Ava strange magical gifts, and she’s sure she's imagining things when someone starts following her. But when Artemis shows up and tells Ava the god of war has been stalking her, that she’s his newest obsession in a long line-up of human women, it’s clearly not her imagination. No less of a shock is the news that she’s been chosen to stop her stalker on his rampage across the Middle East- and she has to do it fast, before he gains a foothold in the human world. Ava has no special powers, and Ares has risen from the dead and can’t be killed again. She could barely handle her home life; defeating an undead god of war is hardly a skill on her resume.

The Olympians offer her a home, and they seem to care about her more than any human ever has. She’ll try for her new friends, but she’s shaken when she discovers why the has to be the one to stop Ares. Her selflessness means she’s the only person who can enter the Garden of Eden, and the Garden holds the one thing that can uncreate a soul. Learning how to use a sword and ride a pegasus is only step one, and even though she has the help of the Olympians and antisocial historian Douglas, Ava is as unprepared as they come. She’s read about heroines, she just never expected she’d have to be one. If she can’t defeat Ares, he’ll destroy both her new-found family and her world. 

First 150:
A nineteenth birthday seemed like a good day to run away.  Only it wasn’t running away so much anymore as it was leaving. Ava picked up her backpack, wincing as the weight hit her bruised ribs, and, just to convince herself that she really was going to do it this time, checked the duffle bag in the closet. Three changes of clothes, five protein bars, bottled water, a photo frame, her two favorite books, an envelope of cash, and a bag of toiletries. The bag had hidden under an old blanket in the back of her closet for three years. She’d changed out the items from time to time so she wouldn’t end up eating long-expired protein bars if she actually ever did run away. But the bag had mostly sat there, waiting for her. Just like her life.

She turned off the light in her room and locked the empty house on her way out.


  1. I'd get sample chapters for this, it sounds very Percy Jackson-ish.
    - L (Jane Doe)

  2. Riding a Pegasus - I'm in! That enough would make me buy the book. Good luck!

  3. I like this one, I think your query makes it pretty clear what your story is about and I like where your 150 starts us off, just based on your 150 I wouldn't expect this novel to be a fantasy. Best of luck :)


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