Monday, September 17, 2012

GUTGAA Pitch Contest #38 - Maybe I Do

Romantic Comedy
110,000 words

Danielle Sutton has no intention of getting married. Yet when Dani’s boyfriend, Matt, proposes to her on live television, she can’t bear to publicly humiliate him by saying no. And when the TV producers offer to put on her dream wedding in only four weeks, she can’t turn them down without giving away her secret. Dani loves Matt, but she is not going to be anyone’s wife.

The last time Dani was engaged, Trevor MacWilliam broke her heart in a spectacular disappearing act. He strolls back into town just in time to watch the engagement take place and knows Dani well enough to recognize that she was lying when she said yes. As far as Trevor is concerned, it’s the prime time to beg for forgiveness and persuade Dani that he can help her escape the wedding juggernaut and start again.

Now Dani has a month to extricate herself from the perfect wedding she agreed to and convince Matt to stay with her without the ceremony, or decide if her unresolved feelings for Trevor are the reason she doesn’t want to get married in the first place.

First 150 words:
   For someone with no intention of ever getting married, I had been engaged an alarming number of times.
    The first time didn't really count. I was only six, after all, and the engagement was ended abruptly when my mother discovered that in addition to showing me his fascinating ability to pee on a floating Cheerio, my seven-year old fiancé had also taught me the finer points of cursing to get attention.
    Little shit got me grounded for the rest of the summer.
    The memory of my mother dragging the shaggy blond-haired boy by the scruff of the neck back home for punishment still played in Technicolor whenever I thought of that afternoon. Sighing, I gave my wet hair a shake, squishing up the ends with mousse in a futile attempt to give it some body. I could not dwell on the past. The past was not the problem. 


  1. I LOVE the voice in your first 150! You have my attention & I would love to read more. The only problem might be the word count - 110k seems a bit on the high side. But best of luck!

  2. Your first 150 made me laugh out loud :P I love that the kid was trying to pee on a cheerio!

  3. I really like this. A lot. It's good to see other light women's fic with humor. Your MC and mine would probably be buddies. lol! Nice job.

    (You might like mine...number 40. I think we'd be in the same aisle!)

  4. I agree--I really like the voice in this one :)

  5. Yay! I love this!! I would totally read it. And they say chick lit is dead.... what do they know??? :D

  6. I can't say no to this. It's so funny. Loved it! You have my vote.

  7. This is my last vote and it's all yours! (You have my vote!

  8. I want her to stay with Matt! Trevor doesn't deserve her after taking off!! Great job though, I feel like I'm already invested in your characters and I want to know what happens. Good luck and congrats on the votes!! :)

  9. Lumpy Space PrincessSeptember 18, 2012 at 4:19 PM

    Love that opening line. This does sound like the plot to a romantic comedy. I think it'd be fun to read. You've got my vote!

  10. And that makes four. Congrats!
    I love the image of the floating Cheerio. Simultaneously gross and (for us moms of young boys) funny/memory inducing.

  11. Really good opening line and congrats on all of the votes!

  12. I confess. I was too nervous to come check the comments until now. Thank you everyone for liking Dani's voice and for the votes! I know it's on the long side for my genre but the story carries it well (I hope!).

    You just made this author's week!

    1. Oh my gosh, that's great that you're just now checking in! Pop over to Deana's blog to find out your next steps!


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