Monday, September 17, 2012

GUTGAA Pitch Contest #33 - Transcend

Women's Lit
100,000 words


Nora Clark's sudden arrival into heaven is a turbulent hell. All she wants is to check in on her husband, Charlie, and their sons, but she isn’t allowed until she has completely transitioned, and she can’t seem to figure out how.  

Nora believes unfinished work with organ recipients at her foundation is keeping her between lives, and that she can fix it, despite being dead. But discovering a way to interact with strangers still on earth tempts her to break the rules of heaven to stay close to her family. 

A best friend confessing love for Charlie, and complications in her sons’ lives forces Nora to decide if her wants in life after life are greater than her hopes for loved ones still living. 

First 150 words:

The day before I died, Charlie and I danced to B.B. King. I saw the smiles on the faces of our family and friends, many who had been at our wedding 30 years ago. For me and Charlie, it was always that song.  

My sons were mimicking us, alternating which one was a woman with pouty lips and batting eyelashes. I saw my mom slip behind them, place a hand on each of their shoulders and give them her patented “don’t-try-it-again” look. 

I sighed.  “I thought we were past that phase.  Maybe when they are all in their thirties?”  

Charlie just shook his head. “They’ll figure it out someday.”  He put his hand on the small of my back and pulled me closer. “I love you Nora,” he whispered.  As the song ended, Charlie took my face in both his hands and kissed me amid the applause. 


  1. How fun - a meet your husband again in heaven story. I love the idea of second chances.

  2. I remember this from the Pitch Polish & I see an improvement here. :) Love this premise. I would definitely love to read the book!

  3. Love the premise, the voice, and the first line! And I feel like I already know this family from the 150. Well done!


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