Monday, September 17, 2012

GUTGAA Pitch Contest #30 - The Treasure of a Dragon's Heart

The Treasure of a Dragon’s Heart
Paranormal Romance


A shapeshifting dragon must choose between love and survival when she falls for a modern-day knight.

Elaina Drake is facing death on two fronts. Her murderous father keeps her on the run, and her refusal to attack humans for their gold and other treasures has left her starving for energy. Desperate to gain strength, she sneaks into the fundraising party of the year to steal—er, acquire a priceless necklace.

Alexander Wyatt stands alone as Chicago’s biggest corporate titan, and as the guilt-ridden son of an abuser, he remains equally alone in his personal life. After he catches Elaina with the stolen necklace, his fears of becoming like his father intensify when her presence triggers aggressive urges he doesn’t understand.

This exotic beauty also stirs something else, desire he can’t ignore. He manipulates her into anonymously returning the necklace so she can stay—and be his date—at his party. Unaware of his latent dragon-killing abilities, they can’t resist the thrill of danger in their connection when his game of seduction and control ignites their passion.

But after a paparazzi story about Alex exposes Elaina too, her father escalates his deadly hunt. Should she run again, or should she risk her heart—and possibly her life?

First 150 Words:

Jewelry trickled through Elaina Drake’s fingers, scattering reflections across the peeling linoleum of her bathroom floor. Each piece hinted at how it had ended up in her possession—a broken clasp on a gold chain, earrings missing their backs, an eager-to-snag bent prong on a ring. Blue flashed when a loose sapphire she’d rescued from a sink drain rolled off her thumb.

But the precious ornaments lacked the satisfying clink of gold coins when they landed in her safe-box. Humans didn’t make treasure like they used to. Such a shame.

Her fist curled around the last trophy: a brilliant ruby, almost the size of her palm. A weak dribble of energy flowed into her arm. She squeezed the gem harder. It didn’t help.

An erratic rhythm still beat in her chest and desperate starvation still chilled her limbs.

Her hand dropped to her lap. Damn it. The recharge from her collection was nowhere close to enough.


  1. I like the query and 150 words for this. A very interesting premise, and I love the image of the jewels in her hands :)

  2. Curious about how the jewels recharge her. Sounds like a wonderfully fraught romance. Good luck!

  3. I liked this one, too. I thought the idea of having the dragons draw power from the jewels to be really interesting. I would definitely read on :)

  4. This is not normally a genre I'd be interested in, but I love your 150. You've got me wanting to read more. Best of luck :)

  5. Like some of the other commentators, I'm not an avid paranormal reader, but I thought the opening is beautiful!

  6. Thanks for your comments, everyone! :)

  7. Sounds fascinating! I wanted to read more.


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