Monday, September 17, 2012

GUTGAA Pitch Contest #21 - Living With God

Title: Living With God
Genre: Adult Dark Romantic Comedy
Word Count: 60,000


What if God had a secret? 

Judah Mayfield, a homeless nobody with a deadly pill addiction, would rather think about other things. He would rather just sit on his  park bench and wait for the sweet release of death to come than think about such questions. But after a near drug overdose, a man in a suit approaches him and won't stop asking questions.

Why did the crazies always come to him? 

It isn't until Judah runs out of pills, and begins to panic for fear of living a sober life, that the man seemingly on cue approaches Judah and gives him a strange proposition. The man says he will supply Judah with the pills he needs, but only if he follows four simple rules. 

Of course Judah listened. For the possibility of free drugs, why wouldn't he?

One: He must get a job.
Two: He must sit in silence all day every sunday. 
Three: He must love somebody.
Four: He must accept the man as God. 

Initially denying the man in the suit,  and chalking him up as a kook, Judah went on with his usual disgust with life. But after a strange incident with a  beautiful woman and her daughter, Judah suddenly changes his mind and accepts the offer, realizing all too late that God, or whoever the man is, has secrets that might be better left behind closed doors.

A dark romantic comedy for anyone who has ever questioned the nature of God, the nature of the human spirit, and the nature of love, Living With God isn't what you expected it would be like.

First 150:

   I didn’t know I liked it, until I started writing all of this down. It's clear now how addicted I was. Not to the drugs, but to the pain. I enjoyed its dull ache in my heart, the emptiness it left in my soul. The anger was so empowering, even when living on the streets. It made me feel like a giant amongst ants. Nothing kept me down. I was bigger than them all.
   I would watch every day as they passed by; wearing their suits, making rushed phone calls, checking the time... and they looked down at me? They were the slaves. They were the ones trapped behind the bars of their own minds. They were the ones to be pitied.
   I enjoyed the condescending looks I got on the streets. I can see myself back then, unkempt dirty hair, my beard seemingly sprouting in all different directions, and my skin tight around my bones from being too skinny.


  1. Gosh, your query leaves me really curious about where this is going to go! Good luck with GUTGAA!

  2. I like the way your query is set up and I love the writing in your 150. Best of luck!!

  3. I like your premise and your voice. I would have loved to have read more.


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