Monday, September 17, 2012

GUTGAA Pitch Contest #15 - Affairs of the Dead

Affairs of the Dead
Adult Urban Fantasy


Necromancer Selene Vanream helps ghosts settle their affairs so they can fade to the afterlife. However, after her rule breaking methods of helping her clients lands her in trouble, she’s downgraded to tracking ghosts who hide out, since ghosts that linger too long become murderous beasties. And here Selene thought having an affair with the boss would get her out of trouble, not into it.

While tracking, Selene finds Ethan, a ghost who claims he was kicked out of his body and someone else jumped in. Reanimation, the power to resurrect the dead using souls of the living, would be the most likely explanation…if only it added up to how Ethan became a ghost. What’s worse, partnered with Micah -- a one night stand who turned hostile after --, Selene investigates murders where Ethan’s stolen body is pinpointed as the culprit.

When Selene accidentally binds herself to Ethan, she suddenly has very personal reasons to get his body back. That’s because being ghost bound incurs the Rot, and will eventually kill her due to constant exposure to ghost energy. Throw in a shifting relationship with Micah and a suddenly possessive boss, and Selene will learn just how much trouble you can get into when you don’t follow the rules.

First 150 words:

I was in a strip club trying to help a ghost get laid, which was challenging, but not impossible. It was just extremely taxing on the necromancer extraordinaire (me) who was channeling energy into the ghost so she’d be corporeal enough to entice one of the stripper boys. Technically what I was doing was illegal, but it was my job to help Julia settle her affairs so she could move on to eternally ever after, and her unfinished business was that she’d died a virgin. I’d made things as easy as I could by starting at a strip club; if she couldn’t get some here I wasn’t sure how much lower I could scrape the barrel.

Julia’s prolonged virginity was an enigma to me, even though she’d told me that she’d been waiting for her soul mate. I just didn’t understand why that meant she couldn’t hit up a bar, get drunk, and have a fun, regret filled weekend that included the walk of shame.


  1. Now that would be a bummer - to have to wait till death to do the deed :0) Good luck with GUTGAA!

  2. I loved your 150 but after I read them I got thinking about a dead person sleeping with the living and it kind of creeped me out. However while I was reading I didn't think of this at all, so I would still be interested in reading more. Best of luck :)

  3. Lumpy Space PrincessSeptember 18, 2012 at 3:50 PM

    Love the humor in the opening. There's an interesting mix of danger and romance. Curious, though, how she can lend her energy to a ghost to make it corporeal, but continued exposure to the ghost can result in Rot.

    I love Selene's voice, and I'm really hoping that you've got something fun and fast-paced. You've got my vote.


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