Saturday, June 16, 2012

Would Katniss have let Rue win?

I'm traveling, visiting my folks, attending a high school reunion, and catching up with family.
My nephew has discovered he's a reader. He's twelve and this year has read the entire HP series and the Hunger Games trilogy. He advised my mother go see the Hunger Games, which she did and she actually thought it was really well done. Cool, right? Mom is in her seventies.

So, today I'm floating on my back in a blue pool under the hot Alabama sun (jealous, right?) and I was looking at this big long leaf pine tree. Which made me think about what was nesting in the upper branches. Which made me think about Katniss tying herself in the tree, and how when the fireballs chased her toward the Career Tributes and how she escaped. Then I thought about little Rue pointing at the Tracker Jacker nest.

Which made me think, if Rue had not been shot and if Rue and Katniss had been left, would Katniss have sacrificed herself and her district for Rue? And I thought YES. I felt like I knew her character so well, not a single doubt entered my mind as I came to that conclusion. And then I thought, that is some kick-a character development.

And in it is a lesson. Know your characters so well that if a reader has a hypothetical "what-if" question, they will be able to conclude how your character will behave.

Agree? Disagree? Discussion? I'll be checking in periodically, when I'm not in the pool or eating oyster   po-boys here:


  1. I believe Katniss says that she wouldn't be able to let Rue die...but I can't remember. I think you're right, though. Rue reminded her so much of Prim, and Rue's family had a lot less than Katniss's in District 11, I think she would have sacrificed herself for Rue.

  2. Totally agree. Before I even read the post, I had already answered, "Yes!"

    Have fun in Alabama! (Sounds like you already are.)

  3. "Know your characters so well that if a reader has a hypothetical "what-if" question, they will be able to conclude how your character will behave."

    That's a damn important tip for character creation, Jaye.

    Damn that pool. I'm cooking on dry land here. :P

  4. Oh, I'm so in need of a pool right about now. It's 110 out and I'm almost hot enough to brave the icky irrigation ditch out back...

    Anyhow, excellent post! I do think Katniss would have let Rue win, though she would have hesitated because winning, for her, would have meant her sister would have a better life. It would have been a tough decision. Fun to think about!

  5. Totally agree. Katniss is just that cool.

    Have a great day lounging, and thanks for the post!

  6. What an interesting revelation! And so important. To have a character that solid- that should definitely be all our goals

    Enjoy yourself some relaxation and good food!

  7. Agreed. I was so stressed out when I first started reading, because I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that Katniss would have to kill Rue. Ended the only way it could have, I think... P.S. - How are things??


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