Monday, April 23, 2012

A-Z Challenge - T is for Tires, Pyres, and Flyers

Not long after moving here, I had a conversation with a neighbor. He was out walking with his daughter and saw me messing with my horses.

Him: I didn't know you was in the horse business.
Me: Well, I'm not really. I just have them.
Him: Ah, well, I do a little fooling with the horse business myself. You see 'em tires up there.

He pointed toward a set of hills in the distance. I wondered what his vision was like because I sure as hell couldn't see any tires.

Him: Yeah. You can ride clear on up to them tires.
Me: Uh huh. *nodding*

Then he left. For the next week I forgot about it till the UPS driver came. She started talking about her route and how she wanted to stop by after she'd gone to the pyre company. Wait. We don't burn people on pyres in the United States. Do they export these pyres to India? Are they special pyres?

Fast forward another week. I was at the dump taking my trash. The fellow that works there is extra friendly.

Trash Guy: Hey - you need any of these here little pots for your flyers?
Me: (Thinking - Don't you need planes for flyers?) Um, no, that's okay.
Trash Guy: All ladies like some pretty flyers.
Me: (Thinking: Well attractive pilots are nice but I'm more concerned with their skill) Uh, yeah, I suppose.
Trash Guy: My wife, she loves her flyer bed. Always out there, every afternoon, weeding, picking, pruning. It's real pretty, her flyer bed.

Oh. Tires. Towers. Pyres. Power. Flyers. Flower.

Got it.

Have you ever had a total language misunderstanding?


  1. All the time. When I travel, I nod and smile a lot. I still didn't get it until you told us LOL

  2. LOVE it.

    I tend to cause language misunderstandings, since my speech is still set to northern speeds...

  3. HA! Accents have thrown me off too. That's a big difference!

  4. YES! I travel to the UK a lot and we only THINK we speak the same language. It's a whole different ball game over there. Great post.

  5. My children attend public school in rural Georgia. I cannot understand much of what their friends say.


  6. Too funny! It really is like a different language in some parts of the country.

  7. Oh this was hilarious. I finally got it with the flyers. So funny!!!

    So we have hyrses too, but aren't in the hyrse business. Just love keeping them around and going for amble/ride on the weekend :)

  8. Love it. One language mishap that still makes me smile is my daughter telling my husband she wanted to go the 'poke.' He could not get it, I wasn't home, and it took her dad an hour to figure out she wanted a trip to the park.

  9. I love lingua
    but when you are trying to get "the point"

    fun post for T


    Nice to meet another interesting writer/ artsy person on A to Z

  10. Yipes, sounds like a case of that old whisper down the lane game! I'm over from A to Z of you feel like popping by! Catherine

  11. Can I visit you sometime?

    Seriously, you live in the most hilarious of places, and --OMG!-- you have horses!

    *little girl jumping up and down*

    I love your posts and your sense of humor!

  12. This is hilarious! I've never had anything this drastic happen to me. I might get lost with some slang words every now and then, but nothing like this. Love!

  13. When I travel in different countries, I have such language miscommuncations..

  14. Oh man. That is hilarious! So glad you wrote this.

    Sonia Lal @ Story Treasury

  15. I live in the South - I have conversations like that all too often.

  16. I'm thrilled y'all got a chuckle over my ineptness at understanding the mountain dialect. One day it all just sort of clicked.

  17. Oooh, I finally caught on when I got to flyers. :D


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