Saturday, April 14, 2012

A-Z Challenge - M is for woMan versus Mud Bug

It's like the scenario from some really bad dystopian novel. It's summer, you're hot, all you want is a glass of water, when sputter, sputter, spit, oh Crap! The spring is dry.

For the past two summers we have been living through the nightmare of a fickle spring. Can I take a shower? Check the spring. Can I water the horses? Check the spring. You get the picture.

I don't want to trade my mountain spring water for a well, nor do I want to pay to have it dug, and the weird thing is, every fall, the water returns to fine.
This is a mudbug chimney

Finally, we figured out the culprit. Culprits as it turns out. Mudbugs, crayfish, teensy little arthropods that taste good in butter and spicy salt (if you can catch them). But catching them is a job for eight year old Tom Sawyer-ish boys with a lot of time on their hands. Time I do not have.  But bleach, I do.
Turn away PETA people, I'm about to murder some mudbugs.

And bleach, it turns out, will kill them. You just have to be sure to only pour in holes that are downstream of your spring. (And this information came from a gardening sight - the bleach is diluted - I'm usually a fairly chemical free organic person)

So here's hoping I will be toasting you all this summer with a plentiful glass of cool mountain spring water, after I've done two loads of laundry, watered the garden, and showered!!

How do you deal with first world problems?


  1. That look on your face with the container slung over your shoulder says it all. You're fed up and determined to kill. Hang the consequences. But hold on--they might return to bite you.
    In the seventies, I decided not to kill anything. I picked the snails off my vegetables and threw them as far as I could into the field. Guess what? All the snails from miles around headed for my patch. In the end, I prayed for them as I pushed them under salt water. It's kill or go hungry.

  2. I'm not big fan of bugs! Love the photo of you tackling the critters.

    We have these fuzzy, bunch of legs bugs in the house this spring. So gross!

  3. Wow. Lucky you found out what the problem was and have a fairly easy remedy for it. I live in a municipality that's got great water, so I'm grateful for that. I just have to turn on my tap and it's there.

  4. Mud Bugs? O.O Never heard of them! What do they do to your spring? What do you mean taste good in butter?
    *fidgeting, dying with curiosity*

    That picture of you holding deadly potion -- priceless!

  5. No kidding--you had that serial killer look on your face.

  6. It's the teacher look. I'm really quite a wuss.

    Mudbugs = Crayfish or Crawfish. Lots of delicious recipes if you Google them.

  7. hah, I have to admit I've never heard of a mudbug...I think they are gross, well most bugs are gross!

  8. pedicures. Does that count as a solution to 1st world problems? Does now.

    Hey A to Zer!

  9. Wow, and I thought I dealt with water problems. I live in Mexico where a good day when you get water or electricity or get my drift. I'm glad you figured out your problem though.

  10. Well, you have to do what you have to do. It's great that you have the option have spring water.

  11. Bugs makes me go "eewwwww!"

    Your pics made me laugh, especially the one where you're like: haha, I'm doing it, and there's nothing you can do about it!

  12. Who even knew such a problem existed!? I hope the bleach solves your problems and that the fauna downstream doesn't lose it's color. :)


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