Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ten Random Thoughts on My Writing Life

  1. A psychic once took a look at my hand, looked up and said, "You know you should write."
  2. I ran into a boy (now man) I dated my junior year in high school. I told him I'd become an artist and a teacher. He shook his head and said, "I always figured you'd be a writer." It surprised me.
  3. I don't remember writing anything but poetry when I was in school.
  4. I had a story about a cat published online when I was in my early thirties. I had no idea it was a significant thing to have happen, same goes for an essay in a horse periodical. Because there was no money involved I just figured they were doing me a kindness. I wish I could go back to being so blissfully ignorant about how it all works.
  5. Most of my story ideas start with a sentence spoken by a friend. Sometimes they start when a voice pops in my head. I never know the themes at that point.
  6. Writing rejection is harder than art rejection at this point in my life. I was rejected from many art shows and fairs over the years, but it never stung quite like a pass on a manuscript.
  7. I've never felt more neurotic or more happy, all at the same time, since I got serious about my writing.
  8. Being a spare-time writer is like having a romance no one else knows about. I go to my day job but there's this special tingly feeling that lives under my skin. It's something alive in me.
  9. I don't ever want to get an MFA in Creative Writing. Unless maybe I could go to Vermont and not go in debt to do it. I think higher education, in any creative field, is often the thing that stifles creativity.
  10. My dream job is to run a little book store that could at least pay for itself, write in spare moments, and have a kids' art studio in the back where I could teach after-school classes without the specter of grading. I'm hanging on to this dream with both teeth and all my fingernails. One day.

What about you? What are the things on your list?


  1. YES to #7! And 8.

    #2 reminds me of how, through a weird fluke, I ran into the mom of one of my elementary school friends a few years ago and she asked me, "Are you still writing?" I hadn't seen this woman since I was a kid and it completely made my day that all those years ago, I was known as "that girl who writes."

  2. Hah, love #8. So true, in a good way :) And what I wouldn't give to run a little bookstore and have spare time to write. Mine would sell hot chocolate from around the world, too. At least, it does in my dreams!

  3. Maybe you'd be interested in buying a country store ;)

  4. Love the dream--don't let go. And your description in #8 is fabulous!

  5. Really fascinating list... I love your dream job idea. Sounds perfect! And yes, #8. Sometimes that's half the fun of writing!

  6. Oh my gosh on number ten!! Me too...mine would have a bistro and a writer's studio in back. Sigh..oh and it would be a book store for children and teens. Sigh...

  7. I guess we'll all have to go in together and buy Patty's country store in Vermont!

  8. Go number ten! It's a great dream. And number 7, I'm right there with you.

  9. I so agree with #9. At the same time, I very much want to finish a master's degree, just not in any area involving art or writing :)


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