Saturday, February 11, 2012

Making the Space to Write - Literally!

I'm in renovations! Last weekend I bought trim paint (berries and cream - a dark raspberry) to repaint what was my son's room. When his sister moved out in the fall, he took over her room and his room has been sitting idle. Now, it's mine.

Deep pink trim and cream walls , moving in the mahogany desk I inherited from my grandmother, along with my old barrister book case constitutes the first stage. I have an ugly blue filing cabinet to hide in the closet, but a filing cabinet, nevertheless. Curtains are going to be something zany and wild, shades of orange and raspberry (like my blog background!). Eventually I'll add in a comfy chair or small love seat and probably a second bookcase. I'm going to have a bulletin board wall for storyboarding and tons of art. Plus all my craft books and kidlit books will be in ONE ROOM and my nightstand can be designated for the one I'm reading and not some towering TBR pile.

Here's the before pic. Random junk in the room still (including that grey monstrosity of a filing cabinet on the left and that ugly office chair- the cork screw table is an awesome artist-made piece that I'm going to put my old Remington on), trim paint started but not finished. No curtains. I won't be painting over the kids' grow lines on the door frame - too special. Now I'm off to finish painting the trim!

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to make your own space to write.
The beginning of the awesome.


  1. Yay for new writing spaces! I'm going to have an office upstairs, if the husband ever gets the upstairs done. *sigh*

  2. YAY!!! You go, girl! There is nothing like your own space to make it happen. Yes, Virginia, we all not a room of our own.

    1. I know, I'm super excited. It feels like the start of something.

  3. Yay! Super happy for you! And totally jealous :)

  4. Nice! You are coming along...enjoy and enjoy that space of yours!

  5. LOVE the color scheme. I managed to get a chocolate raspberry against my dark wood cabinets in the kitchen.

    But you're so right. I always find that making my own bodily space gives my mind the space it needs for comfortable creativity. Just don't forget to change it up from time to time to get that much need UNcomfortable creativity in the mix, too. ;) Enjoy painting!!

  6. I LOVE writing spaces. Thanks for sharing yours.


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