Saturday, January 21, 2012

Choosing our paths in publishing + a contest winner

First let me say congratulations to Pam Vickers for winning last weekend's giveaway of A MILLION SUNS. Though Rafflecopter did the choosing, I must say I'm pleased because Pam has slogged through a number of my manuscripts and she deserves it.

The publishing world is changing at light speed and I seem to have jumped in at the high point of the swirl. Every week there's news of an imprint closing, or an imprint moving into digital format. The job boards at Publisher's Weekly are chock full of digital-related employment. I still don't own a Kindle - I was the same with my cell phone - a hold out.

And now I'm holding out again. For me, the brass ring has been book board and paper wrapped in a shiny cover. I want the gatekeeper. I want the magic phone call. Good friends ask me why? They send me Amanda Hocking stories and even my own critique partners are choosing digital imprints. But here I sit, squalid in the stress of waiting and yearning.

Why do this to myself? Well, I don't have a degree in English or a creative writing degree. I've pushed through to the point where I have an agent and have been called a talented writer by a big six editor, and now I want that last round of "atta girl." Is it ego? Probably a little bit. But it's more. I dream of having an editor collaboration that will help make my stories sing. Writing is so solitary. Non-writer friends glaze over when you jump into writer speak. I want that give and take and questioning and challenging that a good editor will bring to your pages.

Am I stuck in thinking this is the only way? No. I am aware there are many great manuscripts out there that get overlooked or for whatever reason won't fit a list, a budget, a mandate.  At some point, the waiting may prove too much for me and then I'll reconsider. I'm friends with a fine kidlit editor who does freelance editing work and, for a fee, she would help me get to the point of confidence for self-publishing. Just like at some point, I will own a Kindle.

But now. I'll keep waiting. Watching for my agent's name on the phone's screen and reaching for the brass ring.

What about you? Where are you lining up with your publishing goals?


  1. I know just what you mean! I'm holding out for that brass ring as well. Best of luck to you on the journey!

  2. I'm out on sub right now, too and watching for my agent's name on my phone. I have a two-book deal for my YA novels, but I'm still looking for an MG deal.

  3. "Watching for my agent's name on the phone's screen"^

    Sort of like the girl waiting for THE BOY...

    As much as we resolve not to inhabit that unproductive emotional space there is no outgrowing it.

  4. There's definitely that element to it, Mirka. But I think just acknowledging there are other options, but choosing not to take them just yet, is growth beyond those years of waiting on your crush to call. At least that's what I'm telling myself :0).

  5. I wish you inspiration and good luck in finding the right person to believe in your work. I'd love to read a fragment of your work if you have something available online. Kisses.

  6. Love this post. I'm with you, although patience is definitely a virtue for both of us!

  7. I'm with you on goals! I think there is a "perfect route" for everyone, and that's the route you should definitely head for, whatever it is.

  8. I'm with you - I still want the route of agented, Big 6 publication. I understand the importance of e-books as well, but I want it all. Nothing major :)

  9. Brass ring. In 10 years, maybe I'll rethink it, but for now, I want the traditional route.


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