Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays and a Happy Tail (er Tale?)

These are two of the faces I love. On the left is Bosco. We found Bosco running down the middle of a highway, in the rain, when he was about 8 months old (he's 10 now). Nobody came forward for him, so this lovable goof of a Boxer/Hound mix has been with us ever since. He's the kind of dog that loves everybody and everybody loves him. My kids' friends all pick Bosco as their favorite. He's that kid/dog that can seamlessly work his way through groups and get a clap on the back from everyone.

Next to him, in similar colored clothing, is sweet Hazel. Her story is cool. From college into my 20's, I shared my life with a dog named Peanut. I met him at 3 weeks old, took him home at 6 weeks old, and lived with him for ten years, through single life, married life, divorced life, moving across state lines, finding my soul mate. And then he was poisoned by a cruel neighbor. I was devastated. Two years ago this coming March '12,  a neighboring Humane Society posted adoptable pictures. And that face above stared back at me. Holy Reincarnation - that was Peanut! I kid you not.

I called the shelter and the woman told me she'd already put this dog's brothers down because they were feral and fear aggressive. She planned on taking Hazel home over the weekend because she saw a  "glimmer" and hoped for the best. I said that I didn't care what happened over the weekend, not to put her down till I could get there on Monday.  Of course, I adopted her. And she being a she, was christened Hazelnut. Also known as Biscuit, or Poochanetta (to go with Bosco's Boscarelli), or just Netta. (All animals have multiple names in our home).

For the first week (after she escaped) we couldn't get her in the house. Bosco finally got her in. For the first six months she hid under the bed or under the chair in the office. Bosco gave her confidence. For the next six months, she slowly allowed me to be her mama as long as I made no sudden moves. Bosco told her it would be okay. For the next six months she allowed my partner to get to know her. Bosco said what's the big deal. And now, she cuddles in the bed ('cause Bosco does), she wags her tail at my son (a big deal because she's terrified of men), and yesterday she begrudgingly gave in to a Christmas bath - without fear. Then she gave me one paw at a time to towel off. Bosco smiled and said, "See, I told you it'd be all right."

So Happy Holidays from Boscarelli and Poochanetta - Italian Love Hounds, also known as Mutt and Jeff, Smooth and Scruffy, Goofy Dog and Little Dog, Bosco and Hazelnut. Oh and yes, Happy Holidays from me!


  1. That's a sweet story. Dang it! You made me cry.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. precious. happy holidays to all of you ... here's hoping they get a treat in their stocking :)


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