Sunday, October 9, 2011

Realizing you have an inner writer

Yesterday I was driving along the river on my way to work and the light was amazing.  Sort of hazy and creamy - and it made me think of forest fires and fall (which is definitely here) and then I found myself thinking, how would I write this light?  Then I started looking around and quizzing myself on how I would write other things I saw on my commute.

With people, it's characterization and suddenly I'm guilty of the thing that has always bugged me about my over-effusive actress neighbor (Oh my God!  You shave your legs?  I had no idea! - she said this to a friend of mine that she had somehow perceived as more of a granola - it didn't fit her characterization of this friend as "character.")  I notice the quirks, the anomalies, the things that don't fit in stereotypical jigsaw puzzles.  (Like my ginger-haired, snake bite pierced Art II kid who also happens to be a straight A student that gets upset if marked tardy, even when tardy).

Eavesdropping - yep, guilty.  But not so much the words as the rhythm of speech, the cadence, and well okay, honest truth, dialogue, too.

So what are your tells?  What marks you as a writer?

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  1. I'll see an intriguing setting and start imagining something outrageous that might have happened there.


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