Tuesday, October 11, 2011

High School Tuesday

So I  teach in a teensy rural county in the heart of Appalachia.  The movie, Deliverance, has gained a reputation for a reason, but the thing is these teens 'round here know of their celebrated reputation.  Just like in other social stratosphere, there's a level to hillbilly-ism.  Though of course, only they can call each other hillbillies.

The thriving metropolis, the county seat, is where the city kids live (yep, about all 3000 residents, so maybe 50 teenagers?), then there are the suburbs, and then there's BillyJoe town (name changed to protect the innocent).  This little berg is on the farthest edge of the county, home to not much besides 4-wheelers, black bears, moonshines stills, and meth labs.

I have two adorable girls from BillyJoe town  in my Art I class.  This morning they got into a long conversation about being from BillyJoe town.  (Picture two adorable sophomore cheerleader types that could plop down into any high school in the country - well except for the conversation that follows)

"Yep, you know they say we're all married to our cousins out there."
"I know, and some of it's true."
"Well yeah, maybe way back."
"Oh come on, you know our trees ain't got much fork."
"No, can't get much shade from our family trees."


"Do you know Bobby Joe (name changed)?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Cause he's for real, legit in-bred."
"Yes really, legit in-bred, like his daddy's his uncle or some shit."
"Does he have like a third arm?"
"No.  Does that really happen?"

So here's your vocabulary word for the day:

Legit In-Bred - a term used by Appalachian teens to go a step beyond kissing cousins. (Gross!)


  1. I'm in a rural county in Appalachia, too :) And that was a major insult when I was in school, to call someone a [last name here of suspected inbred family]

  2. Yep, I have a last name that has varied connotations around here depending on which fork you're from.

  3. LOL, so the difference up here in rural Vt is that least a few people stepped over the Canadian border looking for native Americans to add to the bloodline. Oh, yeah, and then we had the infusion of hippies which don't mix that well with redneck blood, but there were some pretty wild parties back in the '60 and '70 and things happened :)

  4. Funny Pat - there's Cherokee blood around here as well - also a strange mixture called Melungeon - it's like Gaelic and Gypsy and Native American or something. Oh, lots of Asheville art hippies, too!

  5. :)))) oh my, txs for that. you probably never get bored with your students..:). So glad I ran into your blog. Kisses.


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