Tuesday, October 18, 2011

High School Tuesday (This one's R rated)

So as I've mentioned before, I teach in the buckle of the Bible belt.  Lots of wonderful devout folks around here.  And like me, some who are deeply faithful but not so churchy, and certainly a few who are firm doubters or firm unbelievers.  But I'm a firm believer in to each his own.

My kids have a word for the super devout.  It's a new kind of superhero - the Super Christian.  Every time I hear a student say it, I envision a Bible carrying, cape wearing, psalm spouting wonderkid with the ability to fast track you to heaven or hell or into your next incarnation.

In this morning's class, one of my Super Christian superhero kids was busy making clay demons and dragons - wild looking critters with flair and terror.  My super smart senior girl with a wit so dry it will sap all the moisture from a humid room said to me:

"J.Ro, do you know why religion is like a penis?"

"Um, no, future president, I don't."

"Because, it's okay to have one.  It's even okay to be proud of it.  But for God's sake, don't try and shove it down my throat."

There you have it.  From the mouths of just over the limit, eighteen year old babes.

Word of the Day:  Super Christian:  A new kind of super hero, one who can set you on the path to redemption with a well-placed word, or send you on the path to hades with some well-placed gossip.  Depending on who you are, this is a species to be adored or feared.


  1. I respect the Super Christian. Anyone who feels that strongly about their beliefs should receive some credit.
    Funny post!

  2. Yes, true E.R. - but I also agree with my senior girl. It's an interesting place I live - we still had Christian prayers at our staff meeting up until last year. I'm half Jewish so it struck me as out the roof odd - I moved from a larger urban area where separation of church and state was strongly enforced and most beliefs were given the nod. Not so much here, you're pretty much Baptist or hell-bound. Now that's a broad-brush generalization - I work with absolutely wonderful people who aren't so narrow, but the narrowness does indeed exist, even among the kids. I just love the striking contrasts that happen in my classroom on a daily basis.

  3. I'm sure they do exist, and it's sad that they do. I view a Super Christian as someone who is constantly trying to save me. I find it amusing, even if they are overbearing. : )

  4. OMG! Hilarious.... and true. Thanks for sharing. :)


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