Tuesday, October 4, 2011

High School Tuesday (or why hs students are tricky)

"Ms. J.Ro do you smoke pot?"

"Ms. J.Ro have you ever smoked pot?"

"Ms. J.Ro were you a partier?"

"Have you ever tried Kahlua?"

"What's your favorite beer?"

"Ms. J.Ro do you think this looks like an acid trip?"

Daily reality as the high school art teacher.  Perhaps it's my frizzy hair or the slightly rumpled look of my clothing.  Maybe it's the propensity to say Dude, or No way, or Right.  Teachers who are not stick figures get pushed, tested, questioned.  Cause, you know, teens are like, checking the boundaries you know, feeling out adulthood in the safe confinement of their high school.

I've managed to evade these questions - alcohol questions I say, "Come back and talk to me when you're 21, then we can discuss liquor flavors."   Drugs, are a little trickier.  Because - they know I went to more than 10 Dead shows.  But whatever my past, my present is that I don't and I can't condone it.

But they find ways to blow your cover.  Like today, when a student made a cute little chicken that I immediately recognized as a pipe and called him on it.  Well, let's just say there was much speculation on how Ms. J.Ro figured that out.  Do you think they'll believe it was because there's a great big art teacher catalog in the sky with a page entitled - ALL THE WAYS YOUR STUDENTS WILL TRY TO GET CONTRABAND PAST YOU INTO THE CERAMICS KILN - will they?

Word for the Day:  Hoodie - As in a sweatshirt with a hood, a mating symbol, a symbol of ownership, something that cannot be passed freely from your boyfriend to another girl or vice-versa without the serious risk of a hair-tearing fight.


  1. LOL! All of these questions made me think of the Q&A I gave my parents when I was fourteen. I asked them all of these, and they answered them. It was great.

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  3. If I were their parents I'd probably answer straight up too - but living in the buckle of the Bible belt, I have to walk a careful line, even at high school level. (sorry fixed the typo above!)

  4. Ah, I remember those students and those teachers. Even as one of the good, quiet kids in the class it was interesting to watch my teachers when questions like that came up.

  5. LOL - from a new follower. Oh man, I am so glad I found your site. The chicken pipe is hilarious. Yeah, they'll get you on it every time, but oh well. That's what makes life fun.

  6. Jenna - I love the kids like you were :0) - but I also love the challengers, just in a different way.

    Hi Abby! Thanks for stopping by - every Tuesday I talk about this crazy world I work in.


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