Wednesday, October 26, 2011

High School Tuesday (on Wednesday)

This week, in Art II, we've been working on a project about Gothic art - we've talked about how in history, Gothic Art was religious in nature and highlighted both the darkness and light of humanity.

I asked the students to come up with two lists - good and evil.  It follows.

Good                 Evil

Boyfriends                                           Divorce

Friends                                                  Love
Food                                                      Night
Family                                                  Death
Girlfriends                                            Depression
Animals (Pets)                                     Mental Illness
Roosters                                              Bad Health
The mall                                               Family
Love                                                     Frenemies
Roller coasters                                   Pain
Swimming                                            Loneliness
Sunshine                                              Heart Ache
Money                                                   Racism
Sleeping                                                Fighting
Church                                                  Inner Demons
Music                                                           Money

This list struck me, because the good list had so much to do with exterior, where as the evil list was all about the interior.  As a writer, this just reminded me that YA novels really should be about that interior world - so many more questions there.

Word of the Day:  B.A. - acronym for Bad Ass - which can mean awesome, amazing, tough, hardcore, as in "He is so B.A." or "That song is so B.A."


  1. Thought provoking! I love that roosters made it on the good list and money on the bad--I would have reversed it. Have you ever been chased by a rooster? They can be evil.

  2. I love these lists! I find them facinating.


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