Saturday, October 22, 2011

Held Hostage in Hunting Season

Every year, from early September till mid-December we are held hostage.  Properties on every side of our little 14 acre burb are used by deer hunters.

Now, here's my PC public service announcement, many hunters are great ecologists and even environmentalists, many actually count on the meat for their winter pantry, but there are just as many who are a teensy bit rude and irresponsible.

Unfortunately we dealt with one of the latter this week.

My partner and son came home Thursday and saw a doe fallen next to the creek.  At first glance they thought she was dead.  At second glance they saw she was still breathing, with a wounding bullet shot to the back.  Horrors.

We are all animal people.  Heart-aching animal people.  So seeing a beautiful doe fallen in your yard, left to suffer, is just, well, no fun.  My son called a buddy.  The buddy brought his dad, rifle in hand, and my son watched while they let her go, misery eased.

The dad said she'd been shot from above, someone in a tree stand.  Why didn't they track her?  Too lazy to crawl their fat bottoms down and man up?  That'd be my guess.  We have a hunch who did it - only one neighbor uses a stand.  So we called, all polite like, wouldn't they like to come get her and use the meat.  But, oh no, their freezers were full.

So, in the night, sweet doe was ravaged by dogs and coyotes.  Someone stopped and cut off her tail.  And we were left to clean up the mess.  To apologize for the brutality of a hunter who didn't finish what he started and to burn her body on a pyre of fall leaves and locust logs.

Good night sweet doe.

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  1. That's horrible! I'm so sorry you all had to deal with that. Some people really deserve a pox sometimes...


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