Sunday, September 11, 2011

WIP Madness - September Week 2 Check-In

Hello Weeps? Wips? Mad-Hatters? No, cross all those out.

Fellow travelers on the path.

Ah, whatever. It's late. I am gearing up for Homecoming week at my high school where hormones will be as fragrant as the hot dogs cooked up by the FFA club. We have dress up days and door decoration contests and celebrations and blow-up jumpy games and lest we not forget the reason for the madness - a football game. I am deep in the South, where in a rural town, the high school games are as close as you get to the pros. These folks take their football serious. Me...yeah, you guessed right. *looks left, then right, then whispers* I could care less.

But - I love my students and this week is all about them and so it is with great joy, I can say I actually finished my YA revisions. I thought it was going to be way more intense but I managed to get all the way through the manuscript in about 3 weeks total. I lost 1000 words and the scene that contained the title, but hey, it's off to two beta readers and then hopefully back to El Agento.

So my goal for this week - take a little break if I can because I'll need all my energy for my job and the teenagers. Oh I imagine, the upper MG will pull me back to poke and pry at its inner workings and I have beta reading to do in the evening, but I'm sort of enjoying the concept of some chill time. And of course, introducing the advanced color wheel.

Speak fellow travelers! Tell me of your journeys! And if you ask real nice, I'll post pictures of my door decorations and me in my "I Like Big Books - Info-Maniac" t-shirt that the Drama teacher had made for our faculty parody of the song, "I Like Big Butts." How in blue blazes did I end up back in high school?


  1. Ahhhh, high school! Hope you enjoy the craziness of homecoming week. I actually don't know what that's all about, since I went to an all girls' school and we didn't have things like homecoming or prom.

    But I digress ... #wipmadness has been keeping me hopping! I was going full steam ahead on my historical YA draft (wip#2) when I got the last comments back on my full (wip#1) -- yes, LAST! The comments were great and these revisions will make the manuscript stronger, but the overall comment was that it's just about submission-ready, squeeeee! The end is in sight! So I'm totally going to be buried up to my eyeballs in it this week.

    Hope everyone else has a great week ahead!

  2. #HomecomingMadness!

    I'm still working on revisions based on beta notes and I've sent my readers some revised chapters. I need to start on that dreaded synopsis and do some work on my new WIP.

  3. Awesome! I miss being at the high school. Now my son is there, but football tickets are $8 per person!! I can't afford to take a family of four out the games every Friday.

    Good work on your revision...and good like with your agent's response :-)

    I have been wrestling with a character and how to build his failure. I've made some progress, but alas, I am still confused. I won't kill this one off, but he can't end up with the MC either. It's a quandary. I go to bring back one sister and heat the pot to boiling in this WIP!

    Go for the madness everyone!!!

  4. Sounds like everybody is deep in revisions!! And... hormones? Enjoy homecoming from the other other, Jaye!

    As for me, I've been taking a bit of a break after finishing a first draft on Mon. My crit partners are 2 weeks behind the end--they've been reading as I write--so I'm holding off on betas until then. But I don't have another project up my sleeve! And although I'm 600 pgs into a short story anthology--research--I don't think I'm ready to jump in and write a short story... but I don't want another week of merely reading, either.

    So, I've been struggling with my wipmadness goal. Right now, it's finish this book, finish anthology book two, then take a crack at a short story. (And beta read.) But this feels lazy!

    Any thoughts?


  5. Lora, one of my favorite writing exercises (which I have only done at workshops) is to take a minor character from a ms and write that character from a diff. pov than the ms. For instance, if the ms is in 3rd past, write the minor character in 1st present. I did some of these exercises with my Horseman book and it gave me really valuable insight into the character of the brother - he had his own whole story that ended up coming into the book a little bit.

    But a break is good. I have been pedal to the medal for a year with writing. Relentless. Daily. Obsessive. I'm actually excited about taking a break for a bit. I'm absolutely not ready to start anything new though I may futz around and do some research for a ghost story idea I have.

    Kip! I'm so excited for you and Rutgers may just give you face time with exactly the person you need.

    MaryAnn - I'm sure you know all about Southern football living in GA. I may go to this game just because of the pageantry but normally my Friday nights are my own.

    Jennifer - indeed #homecoming madness! Have fun with your writing this week.

  6. Good thoughts, Jaye. Maybe I'll try that exercise, just to keep the juices flowing.

  7. Please tell us someone is gunna video the Bigs Butts Parody!! You must share with us. Pretty please! My goal is simple - keep putting words to paper five days/week. Two days last week = needs improvement, but got past a major block. Today, check.

    Enjoy the break!!

  8. Yay! Congrats on finishing your revisions!

    I'm getting next to nothing done, but I'm not too worried about it cuz I'm having a great time with my DD hiking and lazing at the beach and talking up a storm (SO good to have her home for a visit!). I imagine the revisions will still be there waiting for me after the visit's over.... ;)

  9. Wheee, congrats on finishing the edits!

    I've been feeling back-to-school woes myself. I'm not an instructor at the college, but rather support staff (it's complicated, but my department is also a government agency) and this is our busiest time of year, bar none.

    But sometimes under pressure is where we realize our strength.

    I was having trouble with my edits, and sick of making slooooow progress on my YA fantasy that already has an agent and an editor at a publishing house who want to see it when it's done (not that that's a guarantee of anything, of course), and I have been most frustrated with myself because I haven't been doing any "fresh" writing. Just edits.

    But I came up with an entry for the SiWC poetry contest early last week, and on Thursday I saw a Harlequin romance contest whose deadline is this coming Thursday, and so on Friday I shrugged and decided to start working on that entry (first chapter plus synopsis). Thankfully I already have a few Harlequin plots that have been dancing around in my head, so this hasn't been a hardship.

    Even if nothing comes of it, just writing fresh words has been what I need. It makes me feel alive, my writing feel like writing and not some lump of text I'm poking at with a stick. I'm going to get back to the edits very soon, but this break has been what I needed.

    Aaand that was a longer checkin than I intended, but there you go. :)

    - Laura

  10. Wow. Great job everyone! Sorry I'm late. I subscribed to this blog, but it's not coming through in my feed!!!

    I'm having a blast getting back to the WIP I put on hold to write the historical. This one is a YA contemp set in the Cascade mountains where I live. Still live. Trying to be at peace with that. Anyway, I'm rolling along at the same drafting pace, but having loads of fun.

    Thanks for all the enouragement. Yay for us!!!

  11. Cool Laura - love to hear about how your contests go. I understand what you mean about edits - but I wrote three manuscripts last year (holy cow!) and need a break from fresh words - I have a fount of ideas but need to just step back and work on making 2 of these 3 editor ready. (the 3rd is shelved)

    Angelina - that's great you're back in another WIP! See now I feel like everything I just said to Laura is malarchy and you're making me want to start my hiker book.

  12. Sharon - have fun with your daughter! Ah the beach, that sounds nice.

    Girl Parker - no. I will not be video'ed. No way. No how.

  13. I neglected to check in! So sorry; I somehow missed seeing this post. Anyway, work continues apace. I'm only taking baby steps forward, but at least I'm moving in the right direction!


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