Thursday, September 1, 2011


September has arrived and it is time for me to take the torch from the lovely Angelina C. Hansen at the YAScribe blog.

I joined WIP Madness back in March when Denise Jaden first posted about it at Verla Kay's Blue Boards. This tool for networking, encouragement, and accountability has helped me finish two manuscripts, gain critique partners, and get an agent.

I love checking the Twitter hashtag, #wipmadness, to see how each of you are doing with your books.

This month, my goals are to get the first 50 pages of my most recent WIP whipped in to great enough shape to send to my agent and brainstorm story arcs for the next two books of a potential trilogy. I'm also doing light revisions on another YA that I'm about halfway through. Of course I'd love to finish both, but with a new job at our high school (having moved from elementary) I'm finding my time is really pressed between just planning and doing stuff with the art club.

So how about you? What are your goals? Your challenges? Your roadblocks? I look forward to hearing from you all in our journey along the MADNESS path.


  1. Awesome, so glad for WIPMadness again this month! I've got a mishmash of goals for September:

    Write 7500k on my newest WIP

    This might change, depending on how my editing goes. I'm getting beta notes back on another WIP and I think I need a major overhaul of the first few chapters, so:

    Edit/change/kill darlings from the first 10 chapters

    Keep hacking away at my query

    Write a first-draft of my synopsis (hello, info dump!)

    Think that's all...

    Good luck to everyone!

  2. Wow, Jaye! I had no idea your journey has been so exciting these past few months, and it's encouraging to know #wipmadness helped it along.

    I joined up last month at Angelina's urging and am so far adoring the #wipmadness community.

    My goal is to finish my WIP. First draft. I'm so near the end, I can taste it!

    Love to all!!

  3. Awesome Lora to be so close. I tend to get really discouraged with my manuscripts at about the 2/3 point, then when I get within 6k or so of the end, get reinvigorated. So good luck!

    Oh Jennifer, I'll be with you on the synopsis writing. Best method I've found is an index card per chapter with one or 2 sentences to summarize, then mash all that together. MOST folks will allow 2 pages, which I can usually manage (thank goodness my agent is one) because to me, the 1 page synopsis is impossible. Good luck on your word count goals as well!

  4. Hi Jaye:

    Saw Lora Rivera's tweet about your post - so exciting that #wipmadness has boosted your career! Like you, I teach and it IS a challenge to find writing time. I'm balancing two WIPs now - one in revisions, and a new one. Loving both but feeling a bit schizophrenic! :)

  5. Sounds like you're getting a lot done despite the new job!

    My goal this month is very straightforward since I just got notes back on my first round of revisions and my next draft is due by the end of the month. If I can squeeze in something beyond the revisions, it would be to finish the synopsis of my WIP.

  6. Okay, my goal for this month: get my draft into good enough shape to send to my first reader in October.

  7. Melodie - glad you find #wipmadness! I tried to revise a bit tonight but am too brain dead so today will end up being a zero day for the writer me. Agh.

    Jeanne - I work consistently and find that 40 min to an hour in the early a.m. and then usually about 2.5 hrs on weekend days takes me pretty far pretty fast. At least drafting. Revisions are harder because I tend to second guess myself a lot. Is for the book that is sold? How exciting!

    Ruth - You can do it!

  8. Thanks for grabbing the baton, JRo. I am SO CLOSE to finishing the historical WIP, I can taste it. Once that's done (hopefully by Monday) I am going to dive back into drafting the WIP I put aside to concentrate on the historical. I love that other WIP so much. It's at 24K right now and I can't wait to get back to those characters. I've left them hanging in the woods for six months, poor kids. All these hikes we've taken this summer have been research, you know. . .

    Best wishes everyone! Glad to see everyone staying with the madness.

  9. Oops. I forgot to set the goal. That would be to continue my 3500 words a week pace. Unless, I get some of disruptive email from my agent ^_^

  10. Whoa! I missed it yesterday. Thanks for hosting, JRo!

    I'm just gonna say goal is to finish draft 1 of the WIP so I can get it ready for my agent. The only real roadblock is me right now. I can't seem to get a steady pace going, at least not a fast enough steady pace.

    So there it is. Finish that WIP is my mantra.

    Good luck everyone! Embrace the madness!

  11. Thanks for checking in Mary Ann and Angelina - I have a feeling amazing stuff will happen here in September!

  12. I was introduced to wipmadness on Angelina's blog last month and I'd love to continue following along.

    My first, smaller goal for this month is to revise one of my short stories into decent shape.

    My main goal was going to be another 15K on my current project, but I'm beginning to realize my drafting style might not really gel with that plan. I'm going to err on the side of caution and nudge my goal back to 10K, with the caveat that I have to get the potholes ironed out this month as well.

  13. Jaye -- Thanks so much for hosting #wipmadess. I really enjoy this community too!! Wow, you have one full plate. Hang in there!!

    Since I only met my goal halfway from last month, I'm gunna split the difference and aim for 7,500 words this month. Though I didn't make the words, I made progress in plotting, which happens to be Quite Important. =)

    Best of luck, everyone!

    PS: Which day is check in?

    (dont know why, but if name/url isn't an option on the blogger coments, it takes you to a strange profile page for typepad. Sigh...)

  14. So I changed the settings for you Girl Parker - Check in Day will probably be Mondays from here on out - start our week off fresh and have a weekend to power it up (in my case) before "weighing in".

    Good luck with your goals!

  15. Oops, missed you Jamie! 10K is nothing to sneeze at and good luck with the potholes :0)

  16. Hi, everyone! Thanks for hosting JRo! I set my goal too high last month, so I'll set it at 10K this month. This will be month two for me, and I'm hoping by November to be finished with the 1st draft. Looking forward to working along side of y'all. ~Candy

  17. An agent? Yaaay! That's fantastic.

    So here's where I am: I am still working on the edits of my WIPmadness script. Life has gotten in the way, but I'm tired of that, so I'm going to make my goals a priority this month:

    My goals for this month? (In descending order of importance):

    1. Put myself first. Too often have I been the go-to person for crises of friends and relatives, so I'm making more me time.

    2. Finish the rewrites of SIGN OF THE STAR. The glommed up bits have since become unglommed, or at least I have solutions to the unglomming process (involving new but needed minor characters, most of who are going to die anyway but they're good for the story).

    3. Start something new. I am really getting antzy because

    4. Find a roommate for SiWC.

    5. Health and fitness. Last month, while the numbers did not go down, the inches did (a bit, anyway). Yay muscle!

  18. Oh, hey! I guess insomnia can be a good thing at times, because I saw your tweet about the check-in, JRo!
    Kips love #wipmadness! I plan to go strong at it again this month. Right now I just started drafting my YA historical again, but this time I have direction, with a detailed beat sheet to guide me. So this should be fun!
    I'll also be going back to my other manuscript for one more revision round after getting my feedback from another reader, and then I might have to declare that one done. Eep!
    So my goals for the month are working on one or the other of these projects every day, hopefully with one complete ms to show for it at the end.
    Good luck to everyone!!

  19. Hi Candy - Goals are always changeable with the madness crew! Welcome for September.

    L.S. Taylor - I love that the first thing on your list was taking care of you. So important, very important.

    Kip - Better late than never, but sorry about your sleepless night. Yep, some work on the writing world every day. When do you leave for Rutgers?

  20. My wipmadness goal this month is to finish this round of revisions (the last before I begin sending it out into the world). The big challenge this month will be time -- my DD will be visiting for a couple weeks, and time with her will be top priority! So, not sure when I will carve out time to work, but still hoping to do so. ;)


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