Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 4 Check-In - WIPMadness

Hi my mad, mad friends - it's the last month of September, how'd you do with your writing goals?

I had a fairly productive month even spending some time making notes for a shiny new YA idea, but am still firmly ensconced in revision land and seem as though I'll be there for a while, with both manuscripts.  Two of our fellow madness friends' blog posts really hit home with me this weekend.

@ghostgirl aka MaryAnn over at Haunting the Broken Tree posted about "All Her WIP Children"  She dished on her manuscripts personalities and I found myself resonating with the perfectionist.  My new manuscript has been labeled "special and unique" by secret agent man, but also "needing work on voice and world-building and in today's publishing world it needs to be amazing."  No pressure there, nope, none at all.  But you heard it here first, I am actually having fun with revisions.  I think this manuscript is creating more of an inner writer than any before.  But can you say anal?  This word.  No wait.  That word.  No wait.  That word.  And on and on, ad nauseum.

@lroseriver aka Lora Rivera at her blog of the same name posted a fascinated entry on Decision Fatigue.  She gave the example of a parole judge faced with three inmates up for parole.  The first gets it granted, the second two, well here's hoping you get the morning slot next time.  Her post confirmed for me what I already know about myself, I write best in the morning.  We make millions of decisions while revising, many of them miniscule, so being fresh, fed, watered, and well-rested do make a difference.  So take care of yourself WIP friends!

This is my final hosting post.  Next month we will convene with @ls_taylor on her blog,  What I Learned Today.  Thanks for joining me for the encouragement!


  1. This month went by so fast! I got a lot of editing done, but still a ways to go. I've been working on a new WIP and excited to write more on it next month.

  2. Oh, dear, the end of the month already? I haven't done so well this month in regards to meeting my goals, but I've still been moving forward, which is really all that matters, in the long run. Better luck next month, I hope! Thanks for hosting, Jaye!

  3. Is it the end of the month already? Thanks for hosting. Happy to hear you're having fun with revisions, JRo. And I'm with you, mornings are my friend. I'm writing through poor health and grumpiness right now, but am still happy drafting this survival story. My boy MC is too good though, need to flaw him up a bit. I'm back to eating books like a voracious cougar again.

    Fist in the air for all my #wipmadness peeps this week. Don't miss the interview of our own LS Taylor up this morning:

  4. This month did speed by - I'm so glad you were all here to join me in the journey.

    I am finally reading MATCHED and actually read about 2/3 of it yesterday - what a fun, fast read.

  5. Thanks for encouraging us along through the month! And hooray for having fun with revisions. :)

    I didn't meet my goals, but I'm okay with that because Important Family Things took precedence (yes, there are times when writing isn't the most important thing... shocking, I know, lol). I'm back at the #wipmadness this morning, though!

  6. Thanks for hosting! I think this is my first time checking in all month. I've kept up with deadlines from my editor, but otherwise haven't done much until last week. I'm now back at work on a proposal I hope to get through this week or next.

  7. Thanks for stopping in Shari and yay! Denise - you are the reason we're here!

  8. Wow, this month flew. Thanks for hosting, JRo!

    I am ... almost ... done, and I'm determined to finish my revision this week. I had 50 pages left this morning, and only 40 after my preschool writing hours, so I feel like I can do it! As always, it's been great seeing everyone's progress--great way to stay motivated!

    Looking forward to seeing you all on LS Taylor's blog next month!

  9. I haven't yet met my goals of finishing the short story research tome--700 pages!--or writing a new short story, though I have been brainstorming it.

    I did finish cleaning up my WIP for betas though! My goal for this week is to finish reading the short story book, outline a new short idea ON PAPER & think up a logline and/or query for my WIP.

    Thank you, Jaye, for being a great host this month and I'll be looking forward to joining LS_Taylor with the rest of you for the month of October!


  10. Argh! I wish had such good progress to report. It's frustrating when all I want to do is write and I don't have the time for it. Congrats on your progress! I'm quite envious!

  11. "Special and unique" sounds pretty dang good. No wonder you're excited about your WIP.

    My goal was set for me by my editor - to have the next round of revisions done by the end of Sept. The edits are complete and I plan to go through the ms one more time for polishing. Also, for the first time in almost seven years of writing, I'm letting my husband read a manuscript. Kind of nervous about that. But since he's going to be my marketing partner, he probably should see it before it's published. :)

  12. Thanks for hosting! I'm happy to take the torch and hopefully do a decent job. :)

    Yay for productiveness!

    Overall, I felt like I got *something* done, just not exactly what I'd intended. I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped to last week, but there is still a week left in the month and I'm feeling way better about things today.

    1) Yesterday I completed my post-outline to help pinpoint the problems, and (surprise) started pinpointing problems.

    2) Today's Magical Words post was a nice wake-up call. It reminded me that maybe I'm ready to send it out, once I make these last few identified fixes.

    So, here's to getting a lot done this week. :)

  13. That was a great post L.S. - I think we so often think our manuscripts have been to be production ready but the reality is there are always going to be more edits so we just need to get it the best we can get it.

    Jeanne - how great to have a marketing partner in the house - I think about that often, how the heck am I going to teach school, campaign a book (should one every get bought), and still write? Awesome. And yes, secret agent man's words are heartening. I think he has high hopes - just hope I can meet them.

    Nancy - that is the most frustrating - I start getting evil when I don't get my writing time in.

    Lora - that's great you got your ms ready to beta, I think you're ahead of goal on that one!

    Kiperoo - 40 pages is nothing!! Nothing, I say! Get querying girl.

  14. Gosh my responses and blog post are just full of random typos. Need to get that sleep Lora was talking about! Or candy corn.

  15. Thanks for hosting, Jaye!! I regret that my writing did not take front and center in my life this month. However, it does continue to simmer away on the back burner, making small progress and baby steps. Had a great convo with my hubs about strengthening my MC... astonishing since he's read a whopping One Book in his life (at least it was a Jack London and he loved it). Totally made my day.

  16. Thanks for the visit and the nod, JRo! And for hosting the WIPmadness this month. How the heck did we get to October already?!

    Well, I decided to stop writing just before the climax so I could go back and revise a little, hoping to gain some momentum. I am over the 53k mark in word count, but so much is in flux as I revise that I can't keep track right now. But I will say it was at least a good month...maybe even a very good month.

    It sounds as though everyone is pushing through! Go you wipmadness junkies, go!! :-)

    So I am off to loosen up my perfectionist child and get her ready for her big finish.


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