Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thanks Ladies!

This past week I had the great, good fortune to receive not one, but two blog awards. And I am so utterly overwhelmed between Homecoming week at school and revising two manuscripts for my agent, along with reading for a few friends (which is work of the heart and I can't give it up!), I just can't play along and pass along.

I DO want say go check out these blogs!

WIPMadness Tweep, Girl Parker, awarded me the Leibster award. You can find her at her GirlParker Typepad blog.

WIPMadness and Blogfest pal, Lora Rivera, awarded me with the 7x7 Link Award. You can find her at Lora Rivera: Inside Writing.

Thanks again for thinking of me!


  1. Congratulations for the awards, it looks like you deserve them :). Many moreeeee!!!

  2. Wow, woman! Two awards :) No worries about no being able to play along. You're super busy being a talented, hardworking Wipmadness hostess and fielding homecoming craziness. And mulling over new and old projects, I'm sure.

    Hugs! Now over to Girl Parker's blog. Thx for the link!


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