Wednesday, September 21, 2011

High School Tuesday (on Wednesday)

It's been another wild week round the old high school frontier. Just today as a matter of fact.

The fire alarm got pulled - but the idiot pulled it during Break time instead of during class. Not much thinking there.

We've had a rash of girl fights. One in the stair well that resulted in five day suspensions for both girls (both softball players I might add). Another with one of my very own art students on the bus day before yesterday. My student laid out yesterday, worried she'd be charged with fighting, though she didn't start it. Then when she found out the other girl was running her mouth, saying she'd kicked my art student's tail, my art student came back bruising for another fight. Oh my. Boy fights this year have been practically nill. Art student got suspension from the bus for a week - way to get the parents pissed I think.

My favorite new word is "jank." As in, "Ms. J.Ro don't give me that jank paint, I want the good stuff."

Jank (adj.) long a pronunciation, rhymes with stank. Meaning - bad, nasty, definitely not wanted. (also rhymes with skank)

There you have it, YA writers, news from the hallowed halls. Use what you may. And happy writing!


  1. Girl fights, eh? Interesting... Sounds like your week has been adventurous.

    Sweet! New word alert for me. Just looked it up on Urban Dictionary and it's nice and versatile.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. So much fodder for YA characters.... ;)

    Thanks for the intro to a new word. I love new words!

  3. always love learning new words! I actually tried it out in a convo and got some weird looks :)

  4. Chick fights are the worst! They're still clawing and grasping hair when you try to pull them apart. They'll claw you if you're not careful! Guys usually stop when you get in the middle. Girls, not so much.

    Ghost Hunk and I broke up a few good ones romantic!

    Love that word, "jank"!

  5. My student that uses that word all the time (her nickname is Red Dragon - she printed one out for me that I hang on my wall) just walked through the classroom screaming about my "jank tempera paint" - she totally cracks me up that kid.

    Yep, girl fights are vicious, but these country girls slug as well as scratch!


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