Tuesday, June 21, 2011

World Building with Wee Ones

So my new WIP involves some world building. It's a post-apocolyptic tween horse girl adventure. I'm having to figure out exactly what happened to our Earth, what technology remains (not much), what has changed, how governments work, and more. I've drawn maps that include routes taken. I've likened my MC's journey from her sheltered community to someone leaving the quiet wilds of Appalachia to the bustle of Calcutta. And all the time I'm trying to see the visuals.

So it's no wonder that on some sub-conscious level when I proposed a summer kid's camp to our local craft school that I proposed a world building course. What does this mean? Well today and tomorrow we are working on dioramas - so far I've got an enchanted fairy house, Dracula's coffin on wheels, a mermaid's treasure room, an enchanted apple orchard and more. Today we'll be checking in and talking about details of our worlds - what is self-explanatory, what needs more work, what's missing?

I think they'll finish these worlds today, so I'm thinking tomorrow's project will be hidden worlds. Using 2 layers of construction paper (think advent calendars) we will create dwellings with windows and doors that open to reveal these hidden worlds. This might be cool.

If time, we will spend a day in nature building outdoor worlds - a la Andy Goldsworthy - and I know my fairy girls (one of whom is author Alan Gratz's daughter) will be in heaven.

Kids get it. They already understand that even the most fanciful worlds have some sort of inherent structure, a set of rules and laws to guide the inhabitants. They may have nothing to do with our world, but a world they create.

So, enjoy your world today!


  1. Sounds like some fun crafts going on! :)

  2. Sounds interesting. Bet some of the ideas throw you for a loop.


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