Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer's Here and the Writing is Fine

One of the paybacks of teaching for a living is summers. It's an illusion really, because most teachers will tell you they spend a whole lot of time working, both at their teaching career and following some secondary passion.

For me, secondary passions include my horses and writing. Horses ground me. They smell great. They're beautiful. They're intuitive and decisive. Writing feeds me. I love the creative process of weaving a story.

This summer means I get to start weaving a new one. From the big book of story ideas, a middle grade future-set horse girl adventure has sung the loudest. I've mulled it. I've mapped it. I've plotted it out, emotions and actions. I'm ready to go. In fact I have the first two chapters and my crit partners are all giving me big thumbs ups.

So summer, bring it on, I'll be riding horses in real-time and fiction-time. In real-time I'll be challenged by gnats, biting deer flies, and two young horses that need to get going under saddle. In fiction-time I'll be challenged by panthers, dog packs, and rogue motorcycle gangs.

Gonna be fun! Grab a watermelon and ice cream and join me for the ride!


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