Thursday, June 16, 2011

Please Indulge Me

Today is my birthday. I am significantly older than 17 but you could add an odd number ending in 0 to reach my current age. It's depressing. By the time I get published I could be seriously old in number years. Fortunately though, I'm a big old goofball at heart.

So, in order to celebrate, I am allowing myself one completely self-indulgent birthday blog post. I am creating a list of things I want. And the rules are I can't list anything for the greater good, like world peace or the end of economic depravity, because that is what I usually do. Nope today, it's me...Me....ME!!

So, if a genie appeared and said *Poof* anything you wish is my command today - here's what she'd hear.

  • Faster Internet hookup - seriously this air card is better than dial-up but it's still creaky.

  • A Super Cute Fuel Efficient car that doesn't drive like a tin can.

  • 4 months with a horse trainer - 2 months each for my 2 youngsters

  • A shopping spree in Asheville for all new, not thrift store, clothes.

  • The end of the pay freeze for NC teachers

  • A clean house

  • A weeded garden

  • A trip to France and Italy and Portugal

  • A magic e-mail - one that says YES, I LOVE IT, I CAN SELL THIS!

So not too much to ask for, har har.

Thank you for indulging me.

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  1. I assume the last "gift" is from an agent. Enjoy the day.


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